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Dear Apple : A letter from your fans

Dear Apple,

It’s Us, the people from around the world who buy your products and support you since you started. We are the ones who wait in the heat, cold and rain queuing to grab a new iPad, iPhone,  Apple Watch and even a pair of AirPods (even if they are pretty lame).

We are the ones who make videos and write articles about you. We are the ones who discuss, upvote and downvote on Reddit endlessly when a new rumor pops up online. We are the ones who develop new apps for your operating systems. You get the idea, we made you who you are now, the first trillion dollar company to be.

First, let’s list a few things that we appreciate about you Apple. We love most of your products and we can’t wait until you release a new one for us to upgrade to. We love your iOS and MacOS operating systems and your in-house software like Final Cut Pro.

We love your design and the fact that you’re trying to make things simple and easy to use. Yes, there are tech-savvy people who like more choices and sometimes even like complexity, but from years of experience, you realize that most of the people who buy your products are simple people. We appreciate that you create many jobs for people around the world (especially in China).

It’s hard to deny that Apple products look great. The iPhone still has the most singular look of any smartphone out there, after a multitude of upgrades and changes. And of course, the beautiful design of the iPhone is, by design, meant to be beautiful.

Having the latest iPhone is kind of like having the hottest accessory. To hardcore iPhone fans, their phone isn’t just a phone, like any precious object, it’s an extension of themselves. And since they paid good money for that extension, they want you to see it.

The cheapest iPhone is still way beyond the reach of people in poorer parts of the world – places whose phone networks are likely to be expensive or unreliable if they exist at all. Even in the UK, you can buy a basic mobile phone for as little as £10, the cheapest iPhone is currently £359. Way to bring the world together. Don’t be greedy Apple, it never helped anyone.

Remember that we don’t just refer to iFans staff or readers but to anyone who supports your company.  We didn’t like that you relieved us of the headphone Jack because many of us invested in high-quality headphones a few years back and when we heard about it, we panicked. We understand that we need to move forward with our devices, hopefully, you manage to get that wireless charging working by September.

The iPad was such a great addition to our collection of gadgets until we realized that it’s just a bigger iPhone and we would prefer the iPhone instead of it and it would just gather dust in a corner of our desk. It was pretty great until the iPhone plus came out, it made the iPad obsolete. We all expected some great features on the iPad pro when you released it but we realized it’s just another big iPhone, even bigger than the first one.

We love the fact that you thought of everything and released the Apple Watch for us to keep track of our health and time, of course. Trouble is many of us decided to go for a Fitbit instead of the Apple Watch because even if we like the software and the slick design, the price is a major downside. There’s a fine line between affordable and expensive when it comes to your products, dear Apple.  Apple Watch should have been in the range of £200.

We’re not going to bring up the Mac Pro because we can’t find it’s purpose but let’s talk about the MacBook and the iMac. The MacBook was the greatest portable computer ever made until a couple years ago you decided to bring the new MacBook in all those pretty colors, thin and portless.

Ports are not only for ships, we need ports for a lot of things, now our desk turned from a minimalistic decor to a tangled mess of dongles. Just like the DVD/CD slot made our collections of movies and music obsolete (so you have to buy them again from iTunes). It is now easier to hack the US defense system than getting a DVD on to an iPad.

You misunderstood us with the thickness of your Macbook, we don’t want it thinner, we want the MacBook to run production software with ease and be able to make our life easier. We want to upgrade our hardware with better RAM and ROM memory as we go because we can’t afford to buy a new MacBook as soon as it get’s a bit slower (Our old MacBook takes longer to wake up every morning than we do).

You could of very easily have a little door at the back of the iMac for HDD like you have for RAM. What’s the deal with the screen size? Only the 27 inch iMac can be upgraded? This is the kind of things that make us angry, Apple.

And what’s the deal with Siri, we honestly can’t give a damn about the voice, we just want it smarter, every time when we ask Siri some random task it tries to search the web. We can search the web if that’s the case.

That’s all so far Apple, we appreciate your work, but please listen to what we have to say for once in your life. If Android devices would be remotely as good as Apple devices are, we would probably make the switch, but who knows in the future, Samsung is running loads of tests nowadays to make their smartphones better (anything to stop them exploding) and they might have a breakthrough.


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