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Cordless charging as a standard feature in the next iPhone?

Apple will incorporate wireless charging as a standard feature in the next iPhone. This was claimed by Elad Dubzinski, CEO of Powermat, a manufacturer of wireless chargers, at least two days ago in a company ‘s blog contribution.

“With the recent announcement by Apple, this wireless charging will become a standard feature in the next iPhone, we are finally at the threshold of mainstream adoption.”

This was at last to become a mass technology. An analysis by JPMorgan previously claimed that Apple would work with Broadcom in this area and did not date an introductory date until next year.

As a CEO of a large company, Dubzinski would indeed be in favour of the fact that the latter already has information about future developments, but 9TO5Mac  doubts the line: On the one hand, Dubzinski refers to a “recent announcement by Apple,” which was not so public. Probably it is meant only Apple’s accession to the Wireless Power Consortium in February. The association of over 200 manufacturers sets the standards for wireless charging techniques. Apple’s accession is a clear indication that one is working on a wireless charging capability – but not necessarily for the iPhone. Finally, Apple has already decided AppleWatch for induction technology.

On the other hand, Powermat announced a month ago that the company would produce wireless solutions for the iPhone – “no matter what charging protocol Apple is using.” This does not sound as if the company were aware of the details of Apple’s plans.

However, it is also conceivable that Powermat only has rough information or knows details, but does not want to get competitors. Especially since such information – Powermat should have received them directly from Apple – normally secrecy is agreed.

In February, the most prominent analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, prophesized that Apple is a second model (iPhone 8) with a 5.8-inch display in addition to two S models in the already existing sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches  Will be presented. Some reports suggested that only the iPhone 8 is flagged as a wireless charge and the corresponding charging station is not included in the delivery but must be purchased separately. Others estimate that Apple is still waiting for the iPhone with cable-free charging functions until technologies are ready for the market, with which the mobile phone can be loaded comfortably from several meters away.



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