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Cool X-Ray and iPhone X Insides Wallpapers to Download Now

Show off your iPhone X with these cool wallpapers from iFixit. iFixit has posted two high-resolution wallpaper options, including one that shows what’s inside the iPhone X and another that’s an X-ray version. Click the photos below for the full resolution image.

The inside of iPhone X Wallpaper

This wallpaper shows what’s inside the iPhone X: the battery cells, haptic engine, and dual camera.

iPhone X Wallpaper
Credit: iFixit


X-Ray iPhone X Wallpaper

That’s an X-ray scan of the iPhone X.

iPhone X Wallpaper
Credit: iFixit

To set them as your wallpaper, save the photo at full resolution then select wallpaper from your iPhone’s Settings menu, tap “choose a new wallpaper,” then select the photo you saved. You can also select either Still or Perspective.

The pictures were taken at the iPhone X teardown done a few days back by iFixit.