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Casino Gaming in the Palm of your Hand: Apps vs. Browser Games

If you enjoy an online flutter, you’re no doubt aware that you’re no longer confined to a computer screen when you fancy a gaming session. Mobile gambling is now incredibly popular, with a report in The Mirror stating that an estimated 164 Million people will use their mobile devices to enjoy casino games by 2018.

When you use your smartphone or tablet to access casino games, slots or bingo, you generally have two choices as to how to play:

1. Playing games within a browser window (i.e. Safari on Apple devices or Chrome on Android).

2. Playing games using dedicated casino apps.

Today, we’re going to discuss the differences and pros and cons of each approach.

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Mobile Casino Games in a Browser

For just an occasional flutter, playing casino games in a browser window can make good sense. There’s no need to download any apps and you can get started quickly. This is also a good strategy if you’re lacking storage space on your mobile device for new apps, or perhaps if you use a company device where installing apps is forbidden.

There are some downsides, however. Many online casinos still use Adobe’s Flash to run their games, and this is unsupported on Apple devices (and support is gradually being discontinued in Chrome, too). Furthermore, using casinos that haven’t invested in making their sites properly “mobile friendly” isn’t a lot of fun. You may experience problems getting slots and other games to fit properly in your browser window if indeed they function at all!

bgo is one online casino that has made sure their games work seamlessly in a smartphone’s browser window. When it comes to such websites, it’s important to note that their games come from a series of different developers and vary not only by game type (slots, poker, blackjack etc) but in other ways too: as we read on bgo’s infographic on how to play online slots, games tend to have varying numbers of “win lines” as well as features such as auto spin which, while they’re useful for players, can potentially complicate things when it comes to playing on browsers if the online casino hasn’t ensured everything works seamlessly.

The good news is that it’s possible to try the games out without any signup to check they work well on your device. Winzino and Lucky Admiral are two other sites where games work without issue in a browser too. However, there are plenty of other casinos out there where the mobile browser experience is poor – or where you’re forced to install an app as soon as you are ready to play a game.

Mobile Casino Apps

Taking the UK as an example, statistics show that over 80% of people under 54 own a smartphone, with even higher percentages for younger demographics. As such, the vast majority of people are perfectly familiar with installing apps that fit their needs and interests. It’s, therefore, no surprise that dedicated casino apps are popular, especially in countries where “real money” casino apps are available.

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Dedicated casino apps for games, bingo and slots are typically well designed and easy and enjoyable to play, but they’re not for everyone. People who lack device storage space or don’t plan to use the apps often may prefer to use browser games, as described above. Individuals who like to flit between multiple online casinos may not wish to install a whole host of different apps on their device. Some major online casinos like bgo offer apps as well as mobile-friendly websites, so gamers have the choice.

For those willing to download apps for their online gaming, a consistent user experience is almost certain. Developers have produced these apps specifically for the mobile platform, so there shouldn’t be any issues with resizing windows or other strange display problems.

So, while apps may be preferable for the majority, the best online casinos out there are making sure their websites work seamlessly on mobile browsers for those who don’t wish to install them. This means the choice really is yours!



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