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Where to find your browsing history and how to delete it on your iPhone/iPad

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  • How to view my History in Safari
  • How to delete my History in Safari

Every time you browse the web on your iOS device this data saves on this device. You can see the websites you visited before just like on your computer. Sometimes it can be very useful to check your browsing history, to easily find what you have been looking for before if you can’t remember it.

However, over time caches and data build up in your browser so it’s important to clean it once in a while. A large amount of cache and browsing data can slower your phone altogether and your free space gets more and more used.

If you do not want your phone to keep collecting browsing data you can browse in Private mode.  To enter Private mode, open Safari, then click on this icon . Tap Private, then tap Done and you will now browse privately. Just remember, if you use this, you won’t be able to search for sites you visited before.

How to view my History in Safari

To view your history, open up Safari, tap on the on the Book icon at the bottom of the screen and select History. If you do not see History after selecting the Book icon, check if it’s selected at the top of the screen (Book icon should be selected to view HIstory). That is it, you can now view your browsing history.

How to delete my History in Safari

To delete history, tap the Book icon in Safari and select History. From there, you will see Clear button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Press on it and you will now be asked what do you want to delete- history from the last hour, today’s history, today’s and yesterday’s history or all time(everything). Select the one you want and your history will be deleted.

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