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Brake or Break – A Retro Racing Experience – Review

By Meizi Games

Brake or Break is a game whose title says it all: drive at the highest speed possible before braking. Fail, and it’s off to the scrapyard. The gas pedal is always ON so the only thing you need to worry is to remember to brake every once in a while.

Brake or Break
Brake or Break

Watch out for the hills and flying objects – they can get in your way and cause damage before you even reach that sweet spot on your speedometer. Brake or Break has many unique elements such as headwinds, one button controls, smooth physics and endless terrains which are automatically generated.

Brake or Break‘s soundtrack and 8-bit style soothe the pain of having your car smashed into pieces and also offers you a retro gaming experience. Check out the trailer:

The dream is to land upon the perfect ratio of taps to successfully brake, without hitting the large bumps on the highway that can send you flying. Some of the main features of this awesome iOS game are:

  • One button controls
  • Automatically generated terrains
  • Unlock new beautiful cars
  • Unlock new awesome landscapes
  • Customize your character
  • Level up your cars to make them more durable
  • Level up your episodes to get more prizes and experience
  • Beat the ghost cars
  • Endless gameplay
  • Original Soundtrack.
  • No energy mechanics to limit how much you can play
  • Game Center leaderboard and achievement

You can also race against ghost cars to try and earn a place on the leaderboard. Push your skills to the limit and try to beat your friends on the global leaderboards. There’s also a dancing tornado following you around that can be useful – it can flip you over when you get caught upside-down by the strong winds or a fumbled flip.

Brake or Break
Brake or Break

Other methods to help you reach that top speed include grabbing power-ups to restore your health, snaffling propellers which so you can ride gales or shields to help defend your car.

Brake or Break
Brake or Break

You can also collect gifts which are added to your sack, unlocking different new vehicles, parts, and episodes. To earn these perks you must drive through perfectly-wrapped gifts whilst trying to avoid the swarms of footballs, traffic cones and other objects that will slow you down.



Brake or Break contains no violence and is suitable for all girls and boys of all ages. With 60 episodes for you to work your way up, 708 vehicles to collect and over 180 styling parts to help you customise your character you won’t get bored easily. This was one of the most enjoyable racing games I’ve ever played – and I’ve played quite a few.


Download Brake or Break from the AppStore.

Brake or Break Scores

Gameplay - 8.8
Replay-ability - 9
Controls - 7.2
Graphics - 9.5
Sound - 9.2
Price - 7
User Rating: 4.7 ( 1 votes)