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Bosch could supply the next motion sensors of the iPhone

German supplier Bosch could provide the necessary motion sensors for the next-generation iPhone to function properly. Currently, InvenSense is the company in charge of realising these sensors, although Bosch already realises some sensors and chips of the current iPhone.

According to Bloomberg, Bosch could handle this component, along with barometric sensors that have been manufacturing years for Apple. But the news is not in this, but Apple often uses several vendors for even the same component and does not seem to be so now. In order to reduce prices and get a backup if one of the vendors fails, Apple orders different companies to make the components of the iPhone.



There are exceptions to this rule, for example, TSMC will surely have the monopoly of the A10 processors of the current iPhone 7, and possibly next year too. This is because some components simply do not have more suppliers capable of doing them or of dealing with the demand. Another clear example is the alleged panels of the iPhone 8, which have been commissioned Samsung almost exclusively.

Another possibility is that Apple is also trying to end with InvenSense, having almost the monopoly of motion sensors, possibly also have downloaded prices, offering the demand to Bosch, things can change. For example, we have seen this with GPUs and Imagination Technology, which from one day to the next has run out of a client to supply.

In addition to sensors manufactured by Bosch, the iPhone 8 is expected to have a 5.8-inch OLED display, a virtual start button, wireless charging and 3D facial recognition. All this accompanied in the back of a better double camera and aligned vertically to improve the image capture.



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