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Beware, the Windows “Snake” malware arrives at macOS as an installation of Adobe Flash

Malware “Snake” has a long history in Windows, this malware is capable of obtaining passwords and data not encrypted to send them to a third person. Now it has reached MacOS too, and it does so in a format that can easily fool us: in the form of Adobe Flash installer.

If we download the malware d and want to install it on our computer, we will get a .zip file with the installer inside. When we unzip it we will see a file called Adobe Flash Player, it is practically identical to the original installer, only that the developer who signs it is not Adobe, but Addy Symonds. When opening it will ask for the administrator password, as the original installer, in fact, the whole process is identical, only behind are giving our data without knowing it.

 How to avoid getting infected with MacOS

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to avoid being infected by this malware and the majority of malware that exists for Mac computers. This solution is called Gatekeeper and we find it on all computers with MacOS. The MacOS Gatekeeper does not allow the installation of applications and executables that do not come from the Mac App Store or from a certified developer unless we so instruct.

  1. Enter System Preferences
  2. In the Security and Privacy section choose the General tab
  3. In the “Allow applications from” section select Mac App Store and Identified Developers

From now on, it will not be possible to install any file that does not come from someone verified by Apple as real and without malware. Therefore, installers like this Snake will not be allowed and will simply not be able to open on your computer. As you can see, the solution is quite simple, it only depends on us to have a little common sense when dealing with unknown files and have some security tool applied to the computer, such as Gatekeeper.



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