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Best Tips and Tricks to Extend iPhone Battery Life – Ultimate Guide PART #5 CPU Optimization

Well, now that we’ve got rid of the screen and everything’s optimized, it’s time to go to optimize the CPU performance and check how it consumes the battery. It’s time for a little more serious optimization.

Refreshing Application in Background – In 90% of cases, the background refresh application is completely unnecessary. In most cases, it is worth turning off this option and you will never notice the difference between the work and the device.

Background refresh apps

What’s more, newer devices from the iPhone 5 and more are fast enough to refresh the app and information in most cases within a second.

On the other hand, if you have hundreds of applications installed and all the breath in the background, it could be unnecessary to spend the battery.

Go to Settings, and General, and then refresh the applications in the background and turn off this option in most applications, ordered in video games and social networks, starting with Facebook, which is known for unnecessary battery power while backing up.

The ones that should stay are the applications that this option could help. For example, folders and GPS applications, Time Forecasts, Applications that perform a kind of background synchronization, such as DropBox or Photo App, Applications that monitor live events like Uber or Lyft, Communicating Applications like Viber or Skype, and other apps that show you information On icons, Apple Clock or in widgets, but only if you use them.

If you’re not sure which to turn off, you can disable this option for all apps and they will continue to work. Most applications will even tell you if they need a background refresh and for what, so you can only include them if you need them.

As you can see, most applications have no access to background refresh. This saves a lot of battery life, depending on how many applications you disable this option.

Note: Shutting background apps will not stop notifications from them.

If you read this article from scratch, then you’ve seen that we first explained the option of using the battery. In this option, you can see which apps are using the most battery in the background and how much time. If you do not need background updating, you should shut down these applications as soon as possible. All the applications that I use (more in CPU, you!) Spend more CPU in the background than when you use them, do not need access to this function if you want to save on battery power.

Shutting down applications – Stop obsessively turning off apps in the background if you set up background work, as explained in this article. The apps that are on your switch are paused but are still working in the background. They do not use the battery as well. However, if you obsessively disable them, you may even be able to use more batteries because when you turn it on again, the application needs to be loaded into the working memory again and it consumes more batteries.



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