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Best Tips and Tricks to Extend iPhone Battery Life – Ultimate Guide PART #3 Screen Optimization

Screen Optimization
For the majority of users, the above information will be sufficient to extend the daily battery life. However, if you want more, continue to optimize iOS through the following tips.

Auto-Brightness On – As I said before, the screen is one of the largest battery consumers, and if you keep the brightness at the maximum, it will cost you lots of batteries. Apple also recommends that you set the display to Auto Brightness by going to Settings under Display and Brightness and turning on Auto Brightness.

Auto brightness iOS

Auto brightness will automatically raise and lower the brightness of the screen depending on the brightness of your environment. For example, when you are out in the sunlight, the brightness will be increased to 100%, but when you lie down and read the night in the dark, the brightness will be 0% to 20%, which will automatically save the battery.

Auto Brightness Off – Now, depending on your usage, in some situations, Auto Light Off may be more useful if you can always use the iPhone at below 35% of the screen brightness. In this case turn off the Auto Brightness option and lower the brightness to 30-40% and keep it there. However, if you constantly change the brightness manually, turn on Auto-Brightness.

Auto Lock – The next optimization for the display is Auto Lock. In this setting, you can decide how long the screen will lock and shut down. The less ignited after you’ve stopped using it, the better. This setting depends on you and your preferences, but I would recommend that you put it in 30 seconds or one minute and no more. For most users, such settings are completely sufficient, if you have a Touch ID.

Lift to Turn on Screen – When we’re already in the screen and brightness settings, you can find it here to pick up to turn on the screen. This option starts with iOS 10, it just pops up when you lift iPhone. Very useful and efficient but often turns on the screen when it is not needed, such as in a pocket or bag. If you are a long-lasting user of iOS then you may already be accustomed to switching on the screen via the lock button, which will in effect turn off if you have this option turned on. If you do not need this feature, you should turn it off as it will help you to extend the battery life.





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