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Best Tips and Tricks to Extend iPhone Battery Life – Ultimate Guide PART #1 Temperature

These series of articles will be the last one you’ll have to read about extending the iPhone battery life. Here’s what we’ll explain in detail and show you how to optimize iOS to get more and more out of the battery of your device every day, and we’ll keep updating it every time we come up with a new option in future iOS versions.

We will first explain some of the basics of battery operation, and give you a list of battery life extension tips, starting with those that will help you with the most helpful ones, and depend on the way you use the device.

Let’s start with temperature in this first part:
Temperature – Many people are unaware that smartphone batteries are optimized for room temperature operation. Namely, they are absorbed by 0 and 35 degrees Celsius. So, when you read somewhere that the battery should last for x hours, then that means x hours at these temperatures.

Low Temperature – If you’ve ever recorded some longer video in the winter, you’ve noticed that the iPhone battery lasts much shorter in cold weather. What’s more, the device can be at 30% at one time, and at other┬átimes it looks as if your battery died. This is because very low temperatures affect the chemical performance of the iPhone battery.

High Temperature – For high-end smartphone batteries are even worse. Temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius can completely change the chemical structure of the battery, and with no regression it becomes weak.

Never leave the iPhone in the car in the middle of the summer, as the cab temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius. The same goes for the beach. Do not leave the iPhone in direct sunlight. Metal + Glass + Sun = High temperature. And finally (this is what I’m telling you from personal experience), if you have a protective mask, if it’s rubbery, remove it from the iPhone so it can cool down because it contributes to overheating.



The sensor – iOS itself has a high-temperature┬ásensor. It is embedded to turn off the iPhone and disable it for use if the temperature becomes too high. Excessive temperatures, explained above, can affect the battery. If you get this message in the picture above, the iPhone definitely came to the temperature that could permanently damage the battery.

The Biggest Consumers – The biggest battery consumers on the iPhone are the CPU and display. Which means that using the device to the maximum will spend the most batteries, logically, right? Playing 3D video games and Video / Audio Editing consumes the most battery, since CPU and screen use up to the maximum. We will continue to talk about that in the next part of this guide.

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