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Best Tips and Tricks to Extend iPhone Battery Life – Ultimate Guide PART #4 Notifications and Facedown Detection

Notifications – May very well drain your battery even though you are unaware of it. If you allow iPhone to send a large number of notifications to the lock screen each time one of these notifications arrives, it automatically burns the screen for 10 seconds, which consumes the battery. Now, if you have a couple of notifications per day, and you’ve already optimized your notifications, then you do not have to worry. However, if you allow most applications to send you notifications, then it’s time for spring cleaning.

In addition to this type of notification, sound alerts also consume battery power, but much less. Nevertheless, now you have the opportunity to finally optimize your notifications because many of you just get bored and have long ignored you.


Settings Notify me

Go to the settings, then the Notifications, and then click on each app and adjust your notifications so as to get as much notice as they reach the lock screen. This does not mean that you need to completely extinguish notifications on all applications, only those that are not needed. I personally come five times per day to the lock screen, while many others are waiting for me as banners, badges, or in the notification center when I unlock my device.

Facedown Detection – Starting with iOS 9, the iPhone has another less known function, the so-called “Screen Down Detection”. Means if you drop the iPhone, lower it with a down-screen, the so-called proximity sensor will automatically shut down the Notifications on the lock screen.

Thus, the display will not fire for the 10 seconds described above. If it’s difficult to customize the notifications one by one, then learn to lower the down-screen iPhone, which will extend battery life, and if you have an iPhone 7 Jet Black and a glossy aluminum back.

Of course, setting up a notification is a much better option, as the iPhone does not always stand on the desk. When you place it for example in a purse, the proximity sensor will most likely not activate and will continue to burn the screen with this type of notification.



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