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The basics of Syncing your iPhone with iTunes

So does iTunes still feel unfamiliar and unknown to you? Or maybe just some things are not clear? Here we will show you how to use iTunes and what are the features of each section and each option.

When using the iPhone for the first time, or for the first sync, depending on the connection of your iPhone to your computer, the iPhone will automatically start syncing. If this is your first use of the iPhone then it would be best to let it do the work.

In recent releases of iTunes, you will get a small iPhone icon right next to the Menu bar. Click on this icon to get an insight into your iPhone model. From here, each Tab will be explained separately.

All applications you’ve ever synced from your device or backed up with your apps. If you have previous backup applications, then when you renew your device, you can only choose which apps you want to resume on your device by clicking the Install button and then Synchronizing. (More applications may be available at one time)

All the music found in the added iTunes app can be added to your iPhone by selecting the Sync Music option and selecting two more options:

Complete music media – sync all your music from iTunes to your iPhone
Selected playlists, excerpts, albums, and genres – synchronizes only what you choose from your iTunes media



Everything is happening exactly the same as in the music only here you have movies and videos. You can choose everything here, or just select few.

TV shows:
Although a small number of Europeans buy TV shows through iTunes, this is a big trend in America. If you’re one of these people who purchase┬áthis kind of content, here’s a list of all the shows you’ve purchased through iTunes sorted by the type of show and the episodes you have.

Image sync refers to switching the pictures you want on your iPhone from the full folder on your computer based on your own selection. But if you want to delete some of these pictures, you will also need to do this through iTunes.

Although many things are written, most of these are instructions for synchronizing notes and contacts, but there is one option that you can click and that’s syncing your e-mail with your iTunes.

We covered up everything and if you need more help or information, please feel free to comment down below or check Tips & Tricks for more information on this subject.

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