Nina Lively

I'm from London and I like writing about Apple, Game of Thrones and cycling.
  • Woolnut leather MacBook Air sleeve/case review

    When it comes to MacBook and iPhone cases, simplicity is everything. You need to make sure, that your expensive gadgets are safe and secure.  Sweden based company, Woolnut, produces protection sleeves and phone cases tailored for MacBook Series (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina) and iPhone 7,8. We have here…

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  • Meet Avokiddo, the studio behind DNA Play and Thinkrolls

    Avokiddo is an award-winning creative studio specializing in the development of quality educational apps for children. The 3 founders, Vagelis Katsantonis, Dionisis Voulgaris and Elpida Voulgari have a very diverse background, including studies and experience in architecture, virtual reality, engineering, computer science, graphic arts, interactive design and video production. What…

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  • We ARGH Pirates

    We ARGH Pirates iOS Game Review

    Today I’m looking at We ARGH Pirates developed by AVOKIDDO, an award-winning creative studio specializing in the development of quality educational apps for children. We ARGH Pirates is an adventure pirate puzzle game designed for children between 6 and 8 years old and highly enjoyable by adults as well – I…

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  • Into the Dead 2

    Into the Dead 2 – Will you make it out alive?

    If you’re an avid zombie fan like myself you will love the thrill-packed iOS game Into the Dead 2. Journey through the zombie apocalypse in a race to save your family. Arm yourself with an arsenal of powerful weapons and do whatever it takes to survive. Maim, mow down, and…

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  • Brake or Break

    Brake or Break – A Retro Racing Experience – Review

    Brake or Break is a game whose title says it all: drive at the highest speed possible before braking. Fail, and it’s off to the scrapyard. The gas pedal is always ON so the only thing you need to worry is to remember to brake every once in a while.…

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  • Dunkers 2

    Dunkers 2 – Physics Basketball Mayhem – Review

    I played the original Dunkers and I loved it. The original Dunkers was an outrageous game that hit upon a winning mashup of crude basketball, ridiculous physics, and retro-style graphics. I’m a sucker for any wacky physics game, but something about Dunkers was just special. You couldn’t help but show…

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  • watchOS 4.1 beta 4

    WatchOS 4.1 Beta 4 released, improvements, changes and more

    watchOS 4.1 beta 4 has just been released along with the iOS 11.1 beta 4. The watchOS 4.1 brings support for streaming Apple Music content directly to the Apple Watch Series 3 over LTE and it introduces a new Radio app with access to Beats 1 and other Apple Music…

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  • Flower iOS Game

    Flower – Award Winning iOS Game – Review

    About Flower Flower is a permanent installation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC. That tells you everything you need to know about this beautiful, multi-award winning release from Thatgamecompany. Already a much-admired game on PlayStation, it arrives on the iOS App Store with a number of improvements…

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  • Wattpad App

    Wattpad – Stories you’ll love – Review

    About Wattpad For those who have never come across Wattpad before, it’s where storytellers gather. Bringing together more than 45 million book lovers, it harbors fresh talent and has evolved into a feeding frenzy of wordsmiths seeking new and exciting stories to read, write, and share. Discover free stories and books…

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  • iPhone 8

    Updated Benefits for the iPhone 8

    Source: Pexels The iPhone 8 was unveiled in September and – despite being overshadowed by the iPhone X – may prove to be the most realistic jump for most people when upgrading their Apple phone. The changes between the iPhone 7 and 8 are definitely tangible and have addressed some…

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  • Card Wars Kingdom – Adventure Time – Review

    Today we are looking at Cartoon Network’s Card War Kingdom iOS game. About Card Wars Kingdom For those that haven’t seen the show, it follows Jake the Dog and Finn the Human on their travels through various weird and wonderful lands. Now you can go on your own adventure alongside…

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  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – Features, Design, Price and more

    iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are upgrades to Apple’s current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus range, updating some of the main features found on Apple’s current products. Initially, most people thought the iPhone 8 would be Apple’s main new phone, however, Apple instead released three smartphones as part of the…

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  • iPhone 8 Rumors

    iPhone 8 – Latest Rumors before the 2017 Apple Event

    As we get closer to the 2017 Apple Event (one week left) we are looking at the latest rumors and leaks. Yesterday we wrote an article about a new iPhone 8 schematic leak surfacing on the internet and iPhone 8 case manufacturers revealing the name of the iPhone 8 which suggest…

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  • Apple Watch 3

    Apple Watch 3 2017 – Release Date, Rumours,UK Price and Features

    In this article, I’m looking at the new Apple Watch 3: when it will be released, what features will have and how much will it set you back. The smartwatch market isn’t exactly on fire, but Apple is still a leader in the space and a new effort to make…

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