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AppleTV 5th Gen 2017 – Price, Features and Release Date

The new 4K AppleTV might be announced in 2017

The fourth-gen Apple TV, the first to allow users to install apps, was unveiled alongside iPhone 6S in September 2015. The fifth-gen  Apple TV was initially expected to arrive in 2016, but Apple updates its AppleTV less often than other devices. AppleTV 4K 2017 evidently will change that as the tech giant seeks to focus more on it as it is a neglected device.

In this article we look at the future of the Apple TV, Apple’s TV box combining a digital media player, a game console and a platform for apps with the ability to stream content from iOS devices and Mac to a TV.

The 4K 2017 AppleTV Rumored Price

How much will the 2017 AppleTV cost? The rumored price is between £149 and £199 for 32/64GB variants respectively would make more sense. The Apple TV currently sells for £139 (with 32GB of storage) or £179 (64GB). That’s more than twice the price of its predecessor, which cost £59 until it was discontinued in 2016. The price that we came up with after a little research is:

  • Apple TV (32GB): £149  (Hinted from the previous releases of AppleTV)
  • Apple TV (64GB): £199

Apple could also release a 256GB AppleTV in 2017 looking at the storage increase across all the other devices. The iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro is rumored to have a 512 GB space available for the high-end model.

While these prices are only rumors it can also be close to reality looking back at the prices Apple released the AppleTV in the past. It’s unlikely, however, that a 4K Apple TV would cost the same. It seems much more probable that Apple will hike the new model up and continue to sell the non 4K version for customers who don’t need the added processing heft.


The 4K AppleTV 2017 Release Date

What’s the new 4K AppleTV release date? We believe that the next Apple TV may launch anytime between now and September 2019 by those standards.

Let’s first look at previous AppleTV releases:


  • Apple TV (1st gen): September 12, 2006 reveal | March 21, 2007 release
  • Apple TV (2nd gen): September 1, 2010, reveal | September 2010 release
  • Apple TV (3rd gen):  March 7, 2012, reveal | March 16, 2012, release
  • Apple TV (4th gen): September 9, 2015, reveal | October 26, 2015, release

We’ve also seen a four-year gap, a two-year gap, and a three-year gap between model launches. Apple has confirmed a product launch event for 12 September – this is sure to see the launch of a new iPhone, but we think there’s a good chance the new Apple TV 4K will be unveiled there too.

Bloomberg has reported that Apple plans to release the new box in September 2017. Apple has also been working on its own content. The company has rolled out video series to its Apple Music service, including Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke. Apple plans to invest an additional $1 billion in creating original video content, Bloomberg News reported earlier this month.

So it seems likely for a new Apple TV, capable of playing 4K video, is set to launch in 2017, with code relating to it appearing in beta versions of upcoming firmware and software. It will be announced on the 12th of September at the Apple Event and available for shipping later this year.


The 4K AppleTV 2017 Features and Specs

The 2017 Apple TV ‘s most desirable and rumored feature almost certainly going to be its ability to stream video in 4K resolution.  The best evidence that this will be the case is that Apple has recently started debuting 4K/HDR content on iTunes, which seems like a sensible precursor to launching a 4K Apple TV. It’s also worth noting that popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video already offer Ultra HD movies and TV shows.

We’d also expect to see more powerful processing, a possible storage boost (128GB – 256GB), and better integration of Siri. One obvious Siri improvement would be to launch a fully-fledged Home ecosystem (based on HomeKit) on AppleTV, turning it into a HomePod-style device that can rival the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

There has been criticism that the current AppleTV isn’t capable of supporting 4K video, especially given that the iPhone 6s can shoot in 4K and other competing devices do support 4K (Amazon, Roku).

There are a number of reasons why the time wasn’t right – until now – for a 4K Apple TV. To name a few: movies on iTunes being in 1080p; capacity of the AppleTV is limited to 64GB, 4K requiring the HDMI 2.0 standard – some 4K TVs don’t even support that and the current AppleTV only offers HDMI 1.4.

The new 4K AppleTV will come as part of a major product blitz planned by the iPhone maker for this holiday season. The company is planning three new iPhone models, including a premium model that includes a 3-D facial recognition sensor for unlocking the phone, as well as a new Apple Watch that can connect to LTE cellular data networks.

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