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Apple’s iOS Code Has Been Leaked and Uploaded to GitHub

This Could Potentially Be Bad News If Hackers Find a Vulnerability in the Code

In a rare piece of news, Apple has had a core component of its iOS code leaked online and uploaded to the code-sharing site GitHub. Vice’s technology site Motherboard reported the information yesterday.

What makes this is so interesting – and potentially frightening – is that security researchers and hackers alike will scan through the code to try and find inherent flaws in it. If they do find a fault, they could use it as a means of illegally accessing other people’s phones and data. If the code is water-tight and unbreachable, however, then nobody has anything to worry about.

Since Motherboard published the news, Apple has indeed confirmed that the code for its mobile phone operating system has been leaked online. Apple, as a general rule of thumb, keeps most of their source code private, which is why this phenomenon is certainly a rare problem for the tech giant. It’s not yet known who leaked the code and what their motives for leaking it was.

The code itself is from iOS9, and although the most current iOS is iOS11.2.5, the older code may still be used in the updated operating system.

GitHub was fairly quickly ordered to take down the source code after Apple filed a copyright takedown request. Although the iOS 9 code is no longer on GitHub, that’s not to say others have saved the code and have subsequently reuploaded it elsewhere.

Only time will tell whether or not something will come from the leak many tech professionals are calling “the biggest leak in history.”

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