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Apple’s First South Korean Flagship Store Opened in Seoul on Saturday

Apple Garosugil Is Apple's First Retail Store in South Korea

Apple is constantly branching out into new locations across the world – and this time, they’ve chosen their South Korean flagship to be in Seoul. The shop opened on Saturday (29th January), making it the newest Apple store to date.

The new store, named Apple Garosugil, is a modern, 25-foot glass façade located on the tree-lined street of the up-market district of Gangnam. (Yes, that is the same Gangnam as the one mentioned in viral YouTube hit “Gangnam Style.”) Gangnam is well-known for its affluence and well-to-do residential base, so setting up their new flagship in such a prime location certainly isn’t a surprise.

Apple’s senior vice president of Retail, Angela Ahrendts, has said; “We’re thrilled to open a new home for our customers in the vibrant city of Seoul and we look forward to continuing to grow in Korea. Our stores are gathering places for the community where everyone is welcome to connect, learn and create.”

Turning their stories into social hubs where activities like workshops take place has certainly been a priority for Apple – and the Seoul store is no exception to this. This week, they’re running interactive tutorials and workshops for apps such as Garage Band, Memos, and are even offering tips on how to hone photographic skill through the iPhone lens. They are also recruiting creative professionals to lead the classes. Perhaps the best part of their Today at Apple programme is that all the classes are free.

If you’re in South Korea and haven’t heard of the new opening, then why not head down there yourself? Their 140 team members speak 15 different languages between them, making the decision to buy the new iPhone X that little bit easier.



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