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Apple Has Warned Developers About iPhone X App Support

The Deadline for Edge-To-Edge Screen Support Is April 2018

Developers have been given a warning by Apple today: from April 2018, all apps submitted to the App Store must work with the iPhone X’s Super Retina display. Basically, this means that new apps made by developers must expand to all edges of the 5.8-inch OLED screen.

Although Apple has given a deadline to developers working on new apps, what they haven’t yet discussed is what will happen to existing apps on the App Store. Though, what we’ll expect to see happen over time, is that developers will naturally develop the apps to fit the iPhone X edge-to-edge screen, especially if the same aesthetic and design idea will carry on in future generations of the iPhone.

However, the big and proactive developers which are featured on the top 100 lists and even on the App Store homepage see iPhone X screen support as a top goal. Therefore, many dev studios and independent devs have already integrated edge-to-edge screen support into their apps.

In the email Apple sent out to developers a few hours ago, they also mentioned and encouraged the adoption of new features, like the ARKit, SiriKit, and Core ML.

Apple regularly sends out emails of this nature not only to notify developers of new changes but to also prompt them into actively working with new features. This is ultimately so the App Store doesn’t get outdated.

What’s interesting is that this email tells us that Apple won’t backtrack on their new, innovative edge-to-edge screen iPhones. At the launch of iPhone X, many speculators weren’t sure if Apple would continue with it in future models. But now that they’re requiring apps to support the iPhone X’s screen, it ensures that we’ll certainly see more of it in the future.



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