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Apple TV 5th Generation Release Date

When is the new Apple TV, capable of playing 4K content, going to be released? This fifth-generation Apple TV, codenamed J105, might be released this year.

There’s more weight to speculation that an Apple TV 5 is on the way thanks to developer logs spotted in March 2017 that reveal a mysterious new Apple device. Very much like the discovery made by a developer in the code of the new Home Pod about the iPhone 8 last week.

The co-founder of Firi Games spotted the new hardware, which showed up as ‘AppleTV6,2‘ in the logs. Perhaps tellingly, the current fourth-gen Apple TV carries an ‘AppleTV5,3’ identifier, so this could be a logical step forward. The new device is also reportedly running tvOS 11.0, adding to speculation that this is a whole new Apple TV device.

When it comes to TV streaming boxes, it’s safe to say the Apple TV isn’t exactly the king of the hill. We’re currently in the product’s fourth generation, and Apple hasn’t delivered on the TV revolution it promised. In fact, it’s struggling to compete with other streaming options like Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku.

There are many reasons for its shrinking market share, of its relatively high cost to its uncompetitive content and its lack of 4K support. However, while Apple’s not at the top of its game with its TV streaming box, that doesn’t mean it’s out of the league completely. It still has a chance to get things right with a new, fifth-generation Apple TV, and here are all the rumors about the new device. With nothing confirmed as yet, all of this could be subject to change, but there’s a lot of information out there to draw upon.

What’s the rumored Apple TV 5th gen release date?

Alright, so, Apple hasn’t officially confirmed that a new Apple TV is imminent, but it also hasn’t said that there isn’t one on the way. In a recent earnings call, Tim Cook told investors that the company was happy with the way the new Apple TV was coming along while teasing that there are “more things planned” for it in the future.

Considering it’ll soon be two years since we saw the last update to the device and late last year the third-generation Apple TV was pulled from stores, we think this is a fairly good indication that there’s a new model on the way soon.

Though an announcement could happen at any time, there are a few points throughout the year when Apple is most likely to make some kind of Apple TV announcement.

Now, a September announcement and October launch seem more likely. Particularly as September is usually the time Apple makes its big hardware announcements.

Bottom line:

We should see the fifth-generation Apple TV debut this fall. Whether this occurs at the company’s annual September iPhone event or later in the season remains open to debate. We’ll most likely see Apple’s next TV box in October with shipments beginning before the holiday season.



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