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Apple to allow developers to respond to and solicit App Store reviews in iOS 10.3

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Among several highly anticipated features of Apple’s iOS 10.3 is an update to the App Store’s review system that will allow developers to both solicit and respond to customer reviews.

Developers have long criticized Apple’s app review system, complaining that unlike with Android’s system, they can’t respond to user reviews. This has created problems when a customer leaves a negative review about a feature that they either don’t understand or aren’t using correctly. The feature will also be available in the Mac App Store

In iOS 10.3, when a developer responds to a review, their response will also be published in the App Store for other customers to see. This will allow developers to respond to undeserved negative reviews and help customers better understand how to use an app.

Developers will also be able to prompt users to review their app directly from the app in the next iOS update. Customers can leave a star rating while in the app instead of having to go to the App Store.

Because ratings help determine an app’s visibility in Apple’s App Store, positive reviews are vital, and both features will hopefully help streamline the experience for developers.


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