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Could Apple Be Releasing Three New Macs with Unique Co-Processors?

The T1 Co-Processor Featured in the Touch Bar MacBook Pro - What Could Future T Models Hold?

It has been reported in an article by Bloomberg that Apple plans to release three new Macs. The new Macs, however, which will include laptops and a desktop model, will feature a new series of custom-made co-processors.

Co-processors, like the ones used for the latest Touch Bar MacBook Pros, are ARM-based chips that are created for a certain kind of MacBook. For instance, it’s the T1 co-processor which is featured in the Touch Bar MacBook Pro, and the co-processor dedicates itself to helping manage the Touch Bar’s functionality. Meanwhile, the T2 co-processor in the iMac Pro assists with power management and hardware-level security. Essentially, each ‘T’ model of co-processor is unique to each computer.

Apple creating and designing their own hardware has been a vision which is now, slowly and steadily, becoming a reality. Steve Jobs himself thought that Apple products shouldn’t have a mixture of chips inside from various companies, such as Samsung and Intel, but instead consist of their own technologies.

Over the past few years, Apple has been putting that plan into action, and are now featuring their own hardware in their iMacs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and even their Apple Watches. Not only does having their own chips and processors make their products more unique, but it ultimately provides an overall better experience for the user. Dedicated hardware technology ensures the product runs smoothly and works as initially intended.

Previous rumours and reports suggest that we will see remodelled, redesigned Macs in 2018. Back in December, Apple reiterated that they’re working on a refreshed iMac Pro, so it’s very likely we’ll see an all-new T co-processor featuring in that, in addition to the new Mac laptops released alongside it.


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