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Apple Released a Tearjerker of an Ad to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Celebrating the Year of the Dog Isn't so Easy for Some

For a long time now, Apple has been trying to attract a larger Chinese market – and with their new ad, they may have just clinched the deal. Apple has released a Chinese New Year ad, shot entirely on the iPhone X, which has already been deemed as a “tearjerker.”

The story – which is apparently based on a true, real story – is about a mother who works as a conductor on one of the longest train routes in China. The route, which travels between the end destinations of Nanning and Harbin, takes six days from one end to the other. Therefore, the mother and train conductor hardly gets to see her son, Ding, during the New Year celebrations.

Because the mother has to go and work, she leaves Ding in the care of her sister, telling him to behave while she’s gone. In an attempt to prove that he is behaving, Ding learns his multiplication tables to heart, although his mother doesn’t see. That is, until, the aunt hatches a plan for Ding to see his mother at the Kaili station in Guizhou, which the train stops at for three minutes.

After desperately trying to find each other on the crowded platform, they eventually see each other, and Ding begins to recite what he’s learned – although he can’t tell his mother everything he’s learned before the train has to pull away.

Ultimately, the story is about how time is precious and we shouldn’t waste the time we have with the ones we love. This narrative is something the Chinese people obviously seem to relate to, as last week Adweek reported that it had over 68 million views online. Now that more time has passed, this number has surely risen to an even higher number.

In terms of marketing strategy, this approach definitely seems to be working – but will it tempt Chinese consumers to buy an iPhone X for themselves to keep in contact with friends and family?


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