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Apple released iOS 11 Beta 10 for Developers – What’s New

iOS 11 Developer beta 10 is one of the last beta updates before the final release of iOS 11.

iOS 11 Beta 10 has been released by Apple. iOS 11 final version is most probable to be released after the 12 September Apple Event. Yesterday Apple released the developer beta 10,  this update likely contains minor adjustments and last minute bug fixes without any major adjustments or changes to the operating system or feature set.


iOS 11 Beta 10
iOS 11 Beta 10


iOS 11, macOS High Sierra 10.13, tvOS 11, and watch OS 4 are each scheduled to be released to the public sometime after the Apple Event.

For developer beta users, it will be versioned as iOS 11 developer beta 10, and for public beta users, it will be versioned as iOS 11 public beta 9. It’s been just a week since the last iOS 11 beta, previous iOS 11 betas introduced new Maps and App Store icons and other refinements. In terms of stability, the same warnings apply to any pre-release software: apps may crash, battery life won’t be optimal, and expect performance to be slow.

No visible changes in the iOS 11 Beta 10 so far but if we discover any we will update this post. The iOS 11 is the longest running and the most tested version, look at the graph below, this shows that Apple really wants to make iOS the best software that it can be.

iOS 11 beta 10
iOS 11 beta 10

At this point, beta versions of iOS 11 feel quite stable. I wouldn’t recommend installing iOS 11 on the iPhone you use every day because beta versions of iOS usually drain your battery life.



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