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Apple plans to offer “premium” streaming TV services with HBO

Although Apple’s bite apple efforts seem to have failed, Apple does not give up on its goal of delivering a premium streaming service package through its Apple TV device and additionally in iOS.

As we have been informed from Recode, Apple is currently working to sell its consumers a “premium TV package” that would consist of three popular platforms: HBO, Showtime and Starz.

There are already many providers offering a similar streaming service package, but they often require a subscription to a basic level of channels. Be that as it may, Apple’s choice would allow users to subscribe to only these three premium platforms.

Apple wants to get into the realm of TV in streaming

The goal of Apple is to offer a package as a service provided via iOS and Apple TV, a move that would put the company full in the world of TV streaming, although indirectly, of course.

For now, Apple offers HBO for $ 15 a month, Showtime for $ 11 a month and Starz for $ 9 a month on the App Store. We do not know what price the company will choose for the package, but it should be around $ 20.

Recall that the bite apple company has already tried something similar to offer an application in both TVOS and iOS with different platforms of services in streaming so that users can enjoy their favourite series in a much more Efficient and intuitive.

In conclusion

The truth is that the alternative that Apple is planning to offer is very good, but would be much better if it were more customizable, for example for users to choose Netflix and HBO, but this would entail many complications.



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