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What is Apple Pay and how to use it?

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  • What will you need?
  • How to add credit or debit card?
  • How to set it up on Apple Watch?

Apple Pay is a feature that comes with your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch that offers a quick and easy way to pay for your goods and services. Apple Pay was initially released back in 2014 and it works only with card readers that support this kind of payment.  In this article, we will explain you more on how to set it up and use it on the everyday basis for doing small transactions.

What will you need?

To use this payment method, you will need an iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch and credit/debit card. Your device must be on iOS 8.1 software or later to make this work and you won’t be needing to download any other applications since Apple Pay comes pre-installed with the 8.1. The required software may vary in different countries, so we would advise you to just update to the latest available software to get Apple Pay functions up to date.

If you already have a credit or debit card connected to your Apple ID and which is compatible to the Apple Pay, you can skip the next step. You can just start using Apple Pay if you already have one linked to your ID.

How to add credit or debit card?

If you don’t have your credit/debit card linked to your Apple ID, open up a Wallet on your Home screen and tap on Add Credit or Debit Card. You will be asked now for your Apple ID password.  Now you simply press on Add a card and follow the on-screen instructions. You do not need to enter all those numbers from the card by yourself. Simply, hold your iPhone over the card and numbers will fill automatically (only security code is entered manually).

After that, you will need to verify your card by following on-screen instructions. Verification methods tend to vary from bank to bank. You will be asked which verification (of those that are available for your bank) you want to use. When you complete the verification process, you can start using Apple Pay.

How to set it up on Apple Watch?

To set it up, you will need to have an iOS device with Apple Watch app installed on it. Open the My Watch tab > Wallet & Apple Pay and choose to mirror the alerts that show on your iOS device. The only downside of this is that you have to link your credit/debit card again even if you have already set it up for your iOS device. The process is the same as the one before, enter the card details and verify it to start using Apple Pay.

That is it. The process is not so complicated and we think you will, after you see that it’s so easy to pay using Apple Pay, start using it on the everyday basis. To see more guides like this, follow our Tips & Tricks section.



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