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Apple Has Now Added Live News to the iOS TV App and AppleTV

Live Sports Was Added Back In December, Now They're Focusing On News

Back in September 2017, Apple teased that they would be adding live broadcast news channels to the TV app for iOS users along with owners of AppleTV. Now they have finally added live news to the software – although only American consumers will currently be able to make use of the live channels.

There’s now a ‘News’ tab if you go into the ‘Watch Now’ section. The channels you’ll be able to choose from are: Bloomberg, CNBC, CBS News, Fox News, CNN and Cheddar. The news sites are varied depending on your political affiliation, and it’s likely that even more news stations will be slowly added to iOS and AppleTV over time.

Although the news sites are limited to American users, live news will surely expand across countries and continents after this initial roll-out of US-only stations. If you’re in another part of the world and an avid live news watcher, then think of this roll-out as a public beta test. When the rest of the world gets the live news feature, hopefully, all of the bugs will be rectified, therefore making it a more pleasurable and user-friendly experience. Seeing as iOS11 has had many bugs and technological inconsistencies, new features which work straight off the bag would be a breath of fresh air.

Live news via Apple is just one of the ways in which Apple is targeting the television sector. Back in December, iOS received an update and support for live sports shows.

If you have iOS11.2.5, then the update is live and you will be able to watch news directly on your devices. If you can’t see the new section yet, then check to see if you’ve updated to the latest iOS. And if you don’t have the TV iOS app installed on your iPhone or iPad device, then it’s downloadable on the Apple Store for free.


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