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Apple Music Student Discount Offer Expands to 82 New Markets

Apple Is Now Looking at Other Parts of Europe and Also the East

Today is the launch day for Apple Music taking on new countries: the tech giant is expanding its digital music service to 82 new markets. 9 markets were launched today, and the three remaining markets are expected to go live on February 26th. Apple is mainly targeting students by offering competitive subscription rates.

Two years ago, Apple first launched their student discount for subscribing to Apple Music, and, at the time, only the U.K., U.S., Denmark, Germany, Australia and New Zealand could take advantage of the offer. But now those from countries such as Poland, Portugal, and countries in the East such as Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Israel will too be able to claim their student discount, once verified by UNiDAYS. The student discount knocks 50% off the original subscription rate, proving to be a great offer for those who listen to a lot of music and prefer streaming over owning.

The offer lasts for up to four years once the initial set-up has been confirmed and runs on a continuous basis. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible for the discount.

The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that Apple Music was progressing in the right direction to overtake Spotify in U.S. paid subscribers. Apple has been growing its subscription rate at 5% per year. Although, when it comes to global figures, Spotify has and continues to have a solid lead over Apple – Spotify actually has more than twice as many global subscribers as Apple. But now that Apple has targeted 82 new markets, their global subscriber count will surely rise.

How do you feel about Apple Music versus Spotify? Is there a music service which you prefer over the other? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.


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