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Apple is leading in wearables

Apple has become the most wearable company to have sold during the first quarter of 2017 with estimated sales of three and a half million units of Apple Watch.

Research data that has been shared by the company Strategy Analytics reveals that Apple Watch has surpassed the sales of the wearables of Xiaomi and Fitbit, two of the leading companies in the sector.

Apple has taken a 15.9% share of the global market, making it the most popular wearable apparel company in the first quarter.

Apple, again, second to none

Fitbit sold an estimated 2.9 million wearable devices, and Xiaomi sold an estimated 3.4 million wearables during the first quarter of this year.

For its part, Apple sold an estimated 3.5 million units of Apple Watch. Scandalous figures taking into account that in the first quarter of 2016 the company “only” sold 2.2 million units.


Estimate sales of wearables from Strategy Analytics.

Xiaomi has made 15.5% of the total sale of wearables, very close to those of Cupertino, but has seen its sales have declined while Apple’s sales have grown considerably.

Apple does not officially share the Apple Watch sales numbers, the company includes its smartwatch in the “Other Products” category that also incorporates the Apple TV, Beats, iPod and third-party accessories, so statistics figures are Strategy estimates Analytics.

Apple’s second-quarter “Other Products” benefits reached $ 2.87 billion. According to Tim Cook, Apple Watch sales have almost doubled compared to 2016.

The truth is that the figures show the great capacity of attracting consumers that Apple has in the market for technology devices. It should be noted that, although they offer a wide variety of models, the company only sells a wearable product: Apple Watch. While other companies sell all kinds of devices generally related to fitness.



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