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Apple to launch three iPhone with OLED display in September 2018

Unlike this year in which there will be two iPhones with LCD and one with OLED screen, in 2018 we will see all three with OLED panels, says The Nikkei.

Apple already works on the three iPhone models it will launch next year, according to a report by  The Nikkei released on Thursday.

The Cupertino giant plans to launch three phones equipped with an OLED panel in 2018, although this year rumors suggest that only one model of the three expected will have this type of screen, the iPhone 8, says The Nikkei.

The Asian media report, which has a respectable record of reports, says that Apple could change plans in a number of next year’s phones that will use this OLED panel. By equipping OLED screens with its three cell phones in 2018, Apple would create a high demand for OLED panels, and The Nikkei suggests that the manufacturer of these panels is not ready to comply.




Apple did not comment The Nikkei on the report. Apple has not announced any plans for this year’s iPhone – let alone its plans for 2018.

This week, a report emerged that Apple would invest a large sum of money at LG to build a factory dedicated to OLED panels intended only for Apple devices. The report suggested that the plans were advanced, but that there was no written contract in stone.

OLED panels are not something new in the industry. Samsung has used them since 2010 on its flagship phones, and little by little other manufacturers have opted for this technology in replacement of the LCD by offering better energy saving, better color tones and be flexible.

As for the iPhone this year, three models are expected. The iPhone 8 would have facial recognition in 3D, augmented reality functions, OLED screen with tiny bezels, no front physical button, inductive load and better water resistance. The other two models, the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus would have little change compared to the current iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus.


The original report on the patent application from Patently Apple claims this as “Apple’s Most Advanced OLED Display Invention to date,” given that it’s “a unique silicon-OLED display that will be brighter and thinner.” One suspects the famous Apple reality distortion field in effect there, given that Samsung has been pretty much standardized on AMOLED screens for its high-end phones for years now, and other flagship Android devices, including the Nexus 6, also use OLED technology. The LG G Flex 2 even offers OLED’s much-vaunted flexibility, right here right now.

Popular YouTuber EverythingApplePro made a video on the OLED subject.