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Apple ID Expiration Phishing Scam – Your Apple ID is due to expire!

How to deal with 'Your Apple ID is due to expire' or 'Your iPhone ID is due to expire' phishing scam text.

There’s a new scam going around in the form of a text message, the text comes from “AppleInc” and it says:

“Your Apple ID is due to be expire today. Prevent this by confirming your Apple ID at – Apple Inc.”

Apple ID Scam Text
Apple ID Scam Text

The link in the scam text message can come in different variants, some known examples are: ‘’ / ‘’ / ‘’, but there might be more variants out there used for phishing and scam purposes. A slight variant on this has been observed with the words “Apple ID” replaced by “iPhone ID”. This is a scam too and should be treated with the same suspicion. In case your curious on what follows after you click the link this is what you’ll get:

Apple ID Text Message Scam
Apple ID Text Message Scam

If you already clicked the link and submitted your details, immediately change your Apple ID details as a minimum, along with any other site that shares the same login. If for any reason there are links that re-appear in the future, do not click on them.

There are measures internet browsers take and even search engines, such as Google to take down such links. Sometimes the links have already been reported and you will get a warning page:

Apple ID Text Message Scam
Apple ID Text Message Scam

There are many ways you might lose your data, be it from hackers to using your iOS device on a non-secure Wi-Fi network. However, there are easier ways for those wanting to steal your personal data, from installing malicious software to falling for phishing scams. Check out our iOS 11 privacy and security tips to help you make the right settings on your iOS device.

The actual URL that is used to manage your Apple ID account is This is the only place you should go to change your Apple ID information. Apple’s website and all of the parts that require you to sign-in are secured by a HTTPS, secured connection. In simple English, the websites are official, licensed websites that are owned by Apple.



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