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Apple Had a Heavy Presence at the BRIT Awards, Debuted Panda Animoji Karaoke

First the Grammy's Now the BRIT Awards - Animoji Karaoke Is Being Broadcast Everywhere

Did you watch the BRIT Awards last night? If so, you may have noticed a heavy Apple presence at the event – both physically and online. There were numerous banners on the Apple Music Browse page and an Apple Music playlist with various tracks by the winners and nominees.

The biggest Apple placement, though, was the televised Animoji commercials which were shown between breaks in the live broadcast. The new ad, simply titled ‘Panda’, is a “professionally animated” ad which shows the panda Animoji singing along to the song Lights Out by Royal Blood. The other Animoji characters – the pig, money, and cat – make up the supporting, background singers. You can watch the video yourself below.

If you wanted to recreate the ad yourself, you may run into a bit of trouble. Firstly, the ad is thirty seconds long, while the Animoji app only lets users create a video message of up to ten seconds. Another issue is that there are four Animoji characters in the video, and users are only (currently) allowed to use one at a time. The reason the karaoke video is animated professionally is for corporate reasons: they want to advertise the new Animoji feature in a relevant way. But it may confuse some Animoji users in the future when they can’t do the same things as they saw on TV.

Apple sponsoring music events isn’t exactly new, but Apple showing off features – such as Animoji – is. We saw previous Animoji ads debuted at the Grammy’s, and now we’ve seen more at the BRIT Awards. But what else will we see in the future? Well, we still haven’t seen all of the Animoji characters broadcast yet. We think we’ll see the new Animoji characters – the dragon, bear, skull, and lion – make an appearance in the near future.



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