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Apple Doesn’t Care About It’s Customers Anymore

The customer is always right” has been a business mantra since 1909, when it was reportedly first coined by the department store magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge. Companies have long lived by it, or at least, tried to give the appearance of living by it, not Apple.

Does Apple think about its customers when releasing a product or service nowadays? Does Apple care about its customer’s feelings? Does Apple care about your wallet? The answer is a big “NO“!

It seems like Apple has moved away from being sentimental and passionate about its customers and products and instead focusing on profits. Why is that? You’re probably wondering the same as me.

The truth is Apple hasn’t listened to its customers in the past 5-6 years. It hasn’t worked with the Apple community. It hasn’t listened to our opinions and requests. It hasn’t shown up at our gatherings or even participated very wholeheartedly in our artistic presentations. They didn’t do hardly anything to facilitate our creative efforts, to work with us.

Apple is becoming the evil corporation in all action movies ever, “Evil Corp”. Lately, we’re getting rinsed of our money and underappreciated with our support and loyalty. The Apple community is a cult, very loyal, sworn to not use the competitor’s products, always defending Apple and hoping for better things in the future.

When I complain about Apple not caring, not sending representatives to our gatherings and meetups every month, not attending Macworld, and so on, so that we can feel like we’re being paid attention to and embraced as human customers, we’re often just trying to insinuate ourselves into a company we love. When we don’t see that personal level of attention by a large company, it’s easy to feel that Apple doesn’t really care about us. This is the truth and one day it will bring Apple down as quickly as it climbed.

We all miss Steve, the person with the vision, the one who knew about our requests and always seemed to know what a good product looks like. Look at all the Apple products now since he’s gone and you will know what I’m talking about. This will never change and things will only get worse in the future years.

I own a wide range of Apple products and the most annoying things are the ones that are obvious, the glowing logo on the MacBook, the slow iPhone 7 and 6s, the lack of customisation in iOS and poor customer service.

I called Apple today about some in-app purchases I had done by mistake and the customer service representative told me to contact my bank, even if there’s a 14-day refund policy in EU. It seemed like she was just trying to get rid of me and get on with her day, I think this is not a nice way to deal with your clients when you offer a premium service and you charge accordingly. This is just an example of poor customer service and it happened on more than one occasion, I’m sure there are many people out there thinking the same.

Apple has been slowing down our devices for ages now but we are too proud to admit that. It makes sense that a software manipulation scheme is the only option when the hardware is high quality. I have my iPhone 6s Plus for about 2 years now and everything works great apart from being very slow and the battery life is about 4 hours with minimal use. This is not what you expect from a top-shelf product.

We all hope that this will change in the future but it’s highly unlikely, and for me, Apple is the necessary evil but one day someone will start a company that does it better and things will go south.



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  1. Nice missive. Ask yourself: Would you rather your three year old phone run a little faster for a shorter period of time, then die altogether with 35% battery still remaining on the meter, or would you rather it run a little slower for hours longer inter the battery meter hits zero? Everyone and everything can only work within the bounds of what physics and chemistry will allow.
    How many years have people whined and moaned at Apple for lousy battery life? Apple saw a way to improve battery life on older devices and gets reamed for it. You have a problem with your phone running slower than before? Okay, you don’t have to buy a new phone, just go buy a new battery. Problem solved.

    But please, keep up the vitriol. It sure is entertaining.

  2. “Apple Doesn’t Care About It’s Customers Anymore”

    Pure drivel. Biggest bunch of horse5H1t I’ve read since Donald Trump’s last attempt to read a teleprompter.

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