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Apple Developer portal downtime caused by a bug

Yesterday the Apple Developer portal had some downtime due to a bug, according to Apple. Reports say that a hack was also possible but Apple is trying to keep it quiet.

After yesterday when the Apple Developer portal had some issues, some reports about a hack surfaced on the internet. Now Apple has released an official note about what happened:

Due to a bug in our account management application, your address information was temporarily displayed incorrectly in your account details on the Apple Developer website. The same incorrect address was displayed to all affected developers. The underlying code-level bug was quickly resolved and your address information now shows correctly.

There was no security breach and at no time were the Apple Developer website, applications, or services compromised; nor were any of your Apple Developer membership details accessed by, shared with, or displayed to anyone.

On Twitter, developers reported strange account modifications that some interpreted as a potential hack. Specifically, physical address data listed on a number of individual accounts were updated to an address in Russia — “bul. Novatorov, Saint Petersburg [sic], Leningrad 198216.

Apple’s developer portal was the target of a hack in 2013. Much like yesterday’s downtime, Apple during the 2013 breach pulled the online resource without explanation, saying only that the website was undergoing maintenance. Developers were kept in the dark for two days before Apple revealed the intrusion.

With the 2017 Apple Event coming in just a few days, this might be a cover-up just so the fans don’t focus on anything else.