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Apple Bring Back Their Retro Rainbow Logo in an Entirely New Way

They're Updating Their Apparel with the Retro Logo. Will We See It on Their Future Tech, Too?

In an interesting move, Apple has filed a new trademark application for its classic rainbow-coloured logo. Whether or not it’ll be used for future tech products is not yet known, but it’s best to not get our hopes too much – it will most likely only be used for apparel.

Seeing as Apple is now selling t-shirts with the rainbow apple at the Apple Park Visitor Centre, an extension of their clothing range is perhaps the most plausible conclusion. What’s more is that the actual application report – which is currently being considered for approval by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – suggests that the retro logo will be used for headgear, like hats and caps.

The rainbow apple logo certainly has an interesting history. It was created by celebrated graphic designer Rob Janoff back in 1977. It was designed to be a both innovative and playful replacement of Apple’s original logo. Despite the rainbow apple being used as Apple’s official logo for twenty years, Steve Jobs decided to get rid of it when he returned to Apple in 1997. What he replaced it with was the monochromatic logo we’re used to seeing today – the grey, half-bitten apple which is entirely one colour.

It’s interesting Apple is bringing the retro logo back into fashion. If they find the rainbow logo performing well with their apparel, will it mean they’ll incorporate the retro logo on their newer products? We’re certainly hoping so. The monochromatic logo may need a slight retouch or update in the future so that it doesn’t get too boring or bland as time goes by. Apple’s retro rainbow logo will certainly add a little interest to their brand identity, which Apple seem to be doing with the iPhone X, which featured a lot of mixed colours on the promotional material for the new flagship iPhone.



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  1. Really amazing Apple always provide something new in this world , This Rainbow Logo Of Apple Looks Cool, I am Really Like It , Hope Will See This Beautiful Apple Logo in Upcoming Apple Products. Thanks For Sharing Information With Us

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