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Apple Break Record by Making up 51% of Global Phone Sales

The Tech Giant Surpassed Samsung and Huawei by a Huge Amount

In the past, it was assumed that Apple had taken the phone market by storm, and most probably sold the highest amount of phones when compared to other mobile phone retailers. Now, thanks to the researchers at Strategy Analytics, it’s now proven that Apple is a global leader: in Q4 of 2017, iPhone sales made up over half of the global smartphone revenues.

A whopping 51% of the global market was taken by Apple. Linda Sui at Strategy Analytics went on to explain that the “Apple iPhone captured a record 51 percent share of all smartphone wholesale revenues worldwide in Q4 2017.” That equates to the huge sum of 61.5 billion dollars.

Coming in at second place is Samsung, who managed to sell 18.9 billion dollars worth of phones to the global market. Although this number is fairly steep, it’s nothing compared to Apple’s which is actually three times higher. The third highest-grossing company is Huawei with 8.4 billion. Apple managed to usurp their figure by seven times.

Analysts have suggested that one of the drives for people to buy iPhones in Q4 was due to the introduction of the iPhone X. Although, it doesn’t necessarily take a researcher to figure that out: the new flagship model iPhone is certainly leaps and bounds ahead compared to the iPhone 8. Seeing as the iPhone X is also a higher-end model, with the ‘cheapest’ model starting at $999, the amount people paid for the new phones certainly helped to solidify Apple’s number one ranking.

The iPhone’s average price increased thanks to the release of the iPhone X. In Q4 2017 the selling price averaged out to $796. A year before that, however, the price was $695. Seeing as Apple are bringing out two high-end phones and one budget model later this year, we could see that price rise even higher.



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