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Apple 8K Display – Rumors, Release Date, Price and Features

Apple 8K Display is rumored to be released alongside the new Mac Pro.

Apple 8K Display rumors have been surfacing online recently. Details on the upcoming Mac Pro hardware haven’t been revealed, but according to recent reports, the next generation machines will be much more like a PC with the next generation EFI BIOS.

Before Apple comes out with the new Mac Pro though it will supposedly announce updated iMacs in late October. Sources say that the new iMacs will pack Intel E3-1285 v6 processors with up to 64GB of RAM. New AMD graphics could finally bring VR support to the new iMacs. Apple may throw in an improved keyboard and mouse as well. Read more about the new Mac Pro here. We also need to take in consideration the release of the powerful iMac Pro due to be shipped later this year and with the price starting from $4.999 it packs a lot of resources.

Apple 8K display

The famous leaker Benjamin Geskin has tweeted pictures of what is said to be an Apple television or display being tested. They might have leaked the new Apple 8K Display. They come from Weibo and they are not of the best quality,  here are the images leaked from the Chinese social media website:

Apple 8K Display
Apple 8K Display – Benjamin Geskin


Business Insider also reported in July this year that Apple’s top supplier, Foxconn, is building a $10 billion TV factory in Wisconsin. White House officials said that the project would create 3,000 jobs and Foxconn will invest $10 billion into the factory.  So there’s another reason to believe Apple is nesting some sort of high-res Display. It could also be a TV to work alongside with the 4K AppleTV due to be released in 2017.


When will the new 8K Apple Display be released?

Apple tends to make announcements relating to the Mac Pro at WWDC, so it’s feasible that we could find out more about its plans for the Mac Pro, and the accompanying display, at WWDC in June 2018, with the new models shipping later that year, or even in 2019.

Sources predicted that a new Apple external 5K monitor, complete with integrated GPU, would be unveiled at WWDC 2016, but no hardware of any kind was unveiled at the company’s summer bash and instead Apple removed the display from its website.

Apple also confirmed that it had exited the standalone display market after discontinuing the Thunderbolt Display in June 2016, but it seems like it changed its mind and has revealed that it will start to sell a new display in 2018. As for when that new display might go on sale in 2018, that probably depends a lot on the development of the new Mac Pro. It’s also possible that we will see it announced at the 2017 Apple Event this September.

New 8K Apple Display Features and Design

The Apple fans have been hoping for some years now that the company would update its monitors. 8K resolution (or 8K UHD) is the same resolution offered by ultra high definition TV. To offer 8,000 pixels the total image dimensions need to be 7680×4320. 8K is the successor to 4K. Few cameras have the capability to shoot video in 8K but you can expect that to change over the next few years. An 8K display is equivalent to having four 4K displays, so you could essentially edit or play four 4K videos in each corner, depending on your processor and graphics capabilities.

The new Apple 8K Display could also be 10-bit. However, a 10-bit display needs a Mac that supports the technology. The graphics card needs to be up to the job.

The new monitor could feature its own integrated GPU, which would enable it to offer high-res graphics when attached to lower-powered Macs – such as MacBooks, which as discussed above are often used in conjunction with second screens.

Touch Screen is out of the conversation but Apple might change its mind on this one too. The new display could be compatible with the Apple Pencil and give extra workspace for iPad Pro users.

Apple’s Phil Schiller said:

No. We’ve talked a lot about touch on the Mac. It’s certainly, as we’ve talked to pros, not a big request for things they would want in a Mac Pro and not the problems that they most want us to solve.


If there’s, in fact, such a thing as a standalone Apple 8K display in Apple’s development labs, we can assume looking at its huge resolution that Apple will primarily target it at people who are in the market for a next-generation Mac Pro.

What will be the price of the new 8K Apple Display?

Rumors say it’s possible that Apple will roll out the new display for £899 and offer a price cut on the lower-res display. Looking at Apple’s lowest-spec 5K iMac retails for £1,449, so we’d expect the new 27-inch display to come in at around £1,000 or slightly more.