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Analysts insist, the iPhone 8 will continue to carry Touch ID

As every year, a few months from the presentation of the next iPhone is almost impossible to stop thinking about it. Every week, completely new data appear that contrast the existing ones and make us re-think the image we all have in mind about what the next Apple phone will be. All aspects that will change with the arrival of the next iPhone are already being discussed by the community, from the screen to the design of its back.

However, there is something that is bringing everyone headlining, since this, in particular, is one of the functions that have most influenced the use of the iPhone over time. I’m talking, of course, about the Touch ID sensor. This security system allowed us to forget to waste time introducing complicated passwords when unlocking our phone, or we just started to really worry about your security. For the first time, protecting our devices became a simple task.

Again, yes, the Touch ID will be on the iPhone 8, at least, according to these analysts

So it seems, and despite what has been rumoured these months, Apple has no intention of getting rid of the Touch ID. The point is, this is placed back in the back, not on the screen, as we all wanted. They said that the company would have been working on it just like Samsung, but it would not have achieved satisfactory results either, so that, in order not to eliminate functionality, it would be placed in the back of the terminal, as represented in Scheme they have created.


If this is true, we could not hide our disappointment, since it was one of the most interesting features of rumoured for iPhone 8. But, on the other hand, if the design is such and how it is represented in the image, at least Situated in a place somewhat more comfortable than that of its competitors. Anyway, there is still some time left, and there may still be the possibility that Apple gives us the surprise in its presentation.



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