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Amazon Prime Video could reach the Apple TV this summer

Today, large streaming content companies are waging an intense battle with each other as they continue to strive for a balance between original and external production. The great protagonists of this war, Netflix and Amazon, continue trying to keep its users hooked to any of their creations to avoid that they stop paying the subscription, or worse, that they happen to the competition. But you have already realised, that, for this, they need something more.

To prevent users from switching to other similar services, content providers should give them the facility to enjoy all of their content in any way they want. It does not matter if you are connected or not, or if you do not have access to your usual device, your content should always be with you. This is something that already happens, or at least partially in the case of Amazon, and is that there is still a place through which its users will not be able to access its content. That place is the Apple TV, or at least, it will be until this summer if the information is correct.

Both Amazon and Apple are interested in Prime Video coming to the App Store as soon as possible

As I said, if the information provided from Recode is correct, the Apple TV might have in the App Store the application of Amazon Prime Video since this summer. Apparently, Amazon and Apple would have had talks to fix this problem that benefited no one. On the one hand, Apple TV users could not access the Amazon Prime Video offer, on the other, Amazon customers could not acquire the device because it had no access to Prime Video.

The issue would have reached such a level that, according to the same sources, those responsible for this agreement were Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos, top executives of Apple and Amazon, respectively. Fortunately, it seems that the wait is over, and soon we will be able to make use of our Apple TV to see some chapters of series like Mozart in the Jungle, or Transparent, that already they were missed by these homes.



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