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Enlight PhotoFox – From album filler to photo winner

You can turn a mediocre picture into a piece of art, all on your iPhone. That's what Enlight Photofox is all about.

There are some smart minds behind this new photo editing app – it’s the same team that made selfie editor FaceTune, and the first Enlight won a 2017 Apple Design Award. Enlight’s second generation. Photofox introduces even more advanced features without sacrificing ease-of-use. So which new features will catch your eye?

Layer up

The original Enlight allowed you to play with artistic effects such as superimposing and double exposure. Enlight Photofox goes even further by adding transparent layers, to give users, even more, options for text and texturing. If you subscribe to the Pro features you can work with five different layers to stack images (or multiple versions of the same image) on top of one another. Each layer can be individually edited and then merged or blended with the others for endless possibilities.

Enlight Photofox
Enlight Photofox

Take the right tone

In the upgraded Tone tab you can still find the classic parameters such as saturation and contrast, but the new Darkroom feature now allows you to make minute adjustments to tone and color. The coolest new feature by far is the target tool which allows you to select a particular section or object within your image and change the tone or color of just that object. Pretty remarkable.

Enlight Photofox
Enlight Photofox

See the light

Faults in old film cameras or photo lab errors once caused light leaks that were unexpected, but also really pretty. Now the world has gone digital, you either have to use specific techniques to create these effects or with Enlight Photofox’s Tools Tab, you can just add them afterward. With the light FX option, you can easily create realistic-looking lens flare and light scatterings.

Enlight Photofox
Enlight Photofox

Even with all these new features, Enlight Photofox remains simple and intuitive to use. In addition to the Layers, Tone and Tools tabs you’ll also find Add, for creating memes or adding stickers or text, and Artistic where you can doodle or add patterns to your images. Each of the tabs opens up further editing tools with a tap, and they’re all designed to work with swipe motions that control the intensity of each effect. So, if you know how to use one function, you know how to use them all. Photo and image editing has never been so easy.


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