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The AirPods to be updated from AirPods 1.1 to AirPods 1.2

The AirPods are the nr 1 accessory for any iPhone owner who loves music.  Despite the well-known production difficulties that have affected the AirPods in the course of this first year of sale, it seems that Apple is ready to introduce on the market an upgrade of its wireless headphones: “Airpods 1.2

To suggest the upgrade of the AirPods is the version GM iOS 11 which leaked a few days ago. The ID of the model to these new AirPods should be 1.2, and the information comes with a picture of this new revision.

This is likely a minor revision and not a major upgrade. Based on the internal name — AirPods 1.1 to AirPods 1.2 — and the video above, it looks like the charging indicator light is relocated from inside the case to the front of the case for checking charging status without opening the lid.

Apple might announce the new AirPods tomorrow at the 2017 Apple Event with the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.



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