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AirPods Are Receiving an Update – We Should See a New Model This Year

The Update Will Include Upgraded Bluetooth, Better Siri Integration, and Water-Splash Resistance

According to Bloomberg, the AirPod earphones will be receiving an update – and we could see the new model as early as this year.

It’s been reported that Apple is currently working on a refresh of the AirPods, and one of the brand-new features will be better Siri integration. At the moment, an AirPod wearer has to tap the earphone itself to activate Siri. For the new AirPods, however, the user simply has to say “Hey Siri” – just like you can do with your iPhone to trigger the AI. This small quality-of-life change should have a massive impact on usability and making it easier overall to carry out another function without having to physically press the AirPods or the iPhone itself.

The updates won’t end there, either. Apparently, the new AirPods will be partially water-resistant. Unlike the Apple Watch, they won’t be able to be submerged in water completely, but instead, they’ll be able to endure a few “splashes of water and rain.” This will surely make it easier to keep the AirPods in good condition if there’s a sudden downpour, for instance.

There will also be a new hardware addition in the form of a new “W” chip. The W chip is Apple’s line of chips specifically built to enhance Bluetooth quality and connection between devices. Seeing as AirPods primarily work with Bluetooth, it makes sense for Apple to integrate a new chip in the AirPods, so the overall listening experience can be heightened.

With this news, there’s been speculation whether the AirPods will have an update cycle like the iPhone – i.e. a new model every year. If they’re selling well – and it seems like as of right now, they are – it would certainly make sense to refresh and release a new model every year.

What do you think of the update to the earphones? Will you be buying them? Let us know in the comment section below.



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