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What is AirPlay 2: Everything You Need to Know

AirPlay was a feature first released by Apple in 2010, allowing wireless streaming of audio and video between Apple devices. Since its initial release, it has still been being built upon by Apple, leading to the release of AirPlay 2. AirPlay 2 is a feature in iOS 11 and up that will allow you to send audio to multiple AirPlay speakers at once. This allows you to put together an audio system from any AirPlay compatible speakers and control it, all from iOS’s AirPlay controls.

AirPlay 2 Multiple Room Audio

With the release of AirPlay 2, your Apple TV will also be capable of sending audio to various speakers around your home as well. This will really allow you to build your own surround sound setup or home movie experience easily. You can control it all with your Apple TV remote or with Siri, all while sitting comfortably on your couch.

You can also send audio from your iPhone or iMac to your TV and other speakers, all at the same time! It really allows for a variety and creativity on how you watch or listen to your media.

An exciting feature about AirPlay 2 is the HomeKit support for speakers. This could allow for home automation, all controlled by a single command or trigger. Imagine music and lighting both controlled by the same system. This would be a great addition to parties. And that’s just one of many possibilities. AirPlay 2 will no doubt be great for Apple’s speaker market, and we can be excited about what features may come with upcoming updates.



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