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Elon Musk never ceases to surprise, and especially in the space industry with his company SpaceX .The man has indeed announced that he intended to send the first two space tourists into space.


This trip around the Moon
is scheduled for late 2018. Both tourists have already purchased their ticket and will begin physical training after passing the medical tests. They will embark in the capsule Dragon 2 , a habitable version of the module developed by SpaceX . They will be "thrown" by the Falcon Heavy rocket , the heaviest and most powerful launcher since the Apollo missions. Falcon Heavy will make his first attempt this summer.

Another test to confirm before sending two space tourists to the Moon, Falcon 2 shall, after his first test start with the capsule Dragon 2 (no one on board) which will dock with the International Space Station (ISS) . It is only after these successful tests that the real flight to the moon will occur.

Experts say the schedule remains tight and think SpaceX will find it difficult to keep it even with a little delay. But Elk Musk no longer needs to prove that he often succeeds in meeting his commitments or that he has the means to do so for the sake of innovation and science.
The race to the power of smartphones and tablets is not about to stop. Component manufacturer Mediatek has just announced a new ultra-powerful Helio X30 processor, a mobile ARM processor with 10 cores.


In detail, the Helio X30 has 2 cores Cortex A73 at 2.5 GHz (designed to support the most resource-intensive applications like some games), but also 4 Cortex A53 at 2.2 GHz and 4 other Cortex A53 at 1 , 9 GHz . With such performance, smartphones and tablets equipped with this processor should not experience reduced performance and loss of speed.

Even more surprising , Mediatek says that this processor is 50% more economical than the previous ones manufactured by the firm, while being 25% more powerful . Even at the graphic level, the Helio X30 has 800VHz PowerVR 7XT cores that would also be more energy efficient (60% less expensive), while being 2.4 times more powerful than their predecessors.

It remains to be seen who will be the manufacturers of smartphones and tablets who will choose the first this super processor to equip their next devices. Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Moto, Sony ... The bets are open.
A recent report by Bloomberg reports on Apple's upcoming integration into a group dedicated to work and reflection on artificial intelligence,The Partnership on AI . This organization, created in September 2016, has as members, at the moment, tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM. The arrival of Apple is quite logical, considering the work delivered by Apple in terms of AI.

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 09.20.57.png

To study, think and articulate the development work practices of AI and related technologies, to contribute to the understanding of these technologies by the general public, and to underpin discussion and commitment on AI and its influence on man and society, are the missions of this Partnership on AI.

The mentioned companies are obviously specialists in these fields, whether in terms of face recognition, vocal assistants, discussion robots, automatic learning algorithms, etc.

Official statement:
Apple, also present in these fields of action, shows at the same time a certain ambition in the matter, with probably future projects focused artificial intelligence.

Siri should be improved for example in the coming years , while the Apple Car project could also benefit from AI research, with the rumor of the developing driving software for cars.

More details on Partnership on AI website.
After the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 exploding , each smartphone that catches fire immediately attracts attention thinking that a problem similar to Note 7 will happen again.

C5Tx6IAUkAA7mcZ.jpg C5Tx6H_UcAEIF-_.jpg
image credit: Twitter

And this is the case of a new viral video that is going around the web and shows an iPhone 7 Plus burning slowly, according to the owner, Apple would have recovered the device to determine the cause of this combustion.

There's not such thing as zero risk, and it is normal that on tens, hundreds of millions of iPhones to be isolated cases with various problems that can be sometimes related to abusing the iPhone.

According to Brianna Olivas, the owner of the iPhone 7 Plus, one morning when waking up, did not turn on, so she took it to an Apple Store, where after several tests she has been told that there was no problem with the device.

After a night of charging, the next morning, her partner saw the iPhone 7 Plus emit smoke and a strident sound to finally catch fire.

Apple would have retrieved the device to determine the cause of this, saying they would know more in a week, and especially to make sure that this is an isolated problem.
A new patent filed by Apple suggests that the iPhone will soon be able to detect if its screen is broken before you . The US manufacturer is indeed working on this new technology. The iPhone is generally quite resistant to falls , especially the latest models. However, the smartphone is not unbreakable, it is not uncommon to find its screen damaged or cracked after a serious fall.


Apple engineers would be working on a new technology that would be used to detect all kinds of cracks even on the thinnest screen.

The technology could even help engineers get data to study the various accidents. They could then know the exact reasons that led to the fracture of the screen to prevent further accidents. According to the sketches of the patent, the technology is based on sensors located under the slab . The sensors can easily detect the impacts caused on the screen.

It is still unclear whether the new technology will be integrated into the iPhone 8 expected this year.
After months or even years of building the future Apple headquarters, this project presented by Steve Jobs to the Cupertino City Council in June 2011 shortly before his death, now has a name and date of opening.

Apple officially unveils the name of the new headquarters, it is the Apple Park . It will be open to employees of the Cupertino firm from next April . In parallel to the announcement, several photos were published, as well as a video.


The relocation of Apple's 12,000 employees will take at least 6 months , giving construction teams time to finish some buildings and green spaces, covering a total area of 70 hectares .

As a tribute to Steve Jobs, who will be 62 years old on Friday, February 24, 2017, the Apple Park underground auditorium will be named " Steve Jobs Theater ". It is perched on top of a hill and is surmounted by a roof of metallic carbon fiber.


It will be open later in the year and will accommodate 1,000 people . If the Steve Jobs Theater is ready in time, it is likely that Apple unveils the iPhone 8 or anniversary model for the 10 years of the iPhone in this symbolic place.

"Steve's vision for Apple extended well beyond the time he spent with us. He wanted Apple to be a hotbed of innovation for generations to come, "said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO.


The Cupertino firm also highlights the energy-efficient aspect of Apple Park and says that it works 100% from renewable energy thanks to the many solar panels installed on the roofs of the campus buildings.

Apple Park also includes a visitor reception area, with an Apple Store and a cafe open to the public, a 10,000 square meter fitness center for Apple employees and a dedicated research and development facility that will surely be highly secured.
According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the star analyst of KGI Securities, Apple could introduce a new feature of "3D selfie" with its next iPhone.


Ming-Chi Kuo is recognized as one of the most reliable sources for rumors about the iPhone and all Apple products in general. The analyst, who had already revealed a lot of information about the iPhone 8, believes that Apple still has some nice surprises for the launch of its new smartphone, starting with a revolutionary 3D camera ...

And because Apple would like to make the 3D camera one of the key features of its iPhone 8. The idea would be to propose a camera that would allow 3D modeling of the face of the user in order to integrate Games or mobile applications. If the main use would be playful, nothing would prevent applications like Messenger or SnapChat to take advantage.


Remember that Apple had bought out in 2013 the company behind the Kinect sensor. The technology in question was used to allow the player to interact with virtual universes by simple movements. Therefore, it would be quite logical that this technology finally arrives on mobile ...

This technology would also allow Apple to introduce a function of face recognition very sharp, which would unlock its smartphone more easily than with the fingerprint sensor.

According to the analyst, Apple could integrate a depth sensor into the back camera of his smartphone, similar to what Google did with his Tango smartphones. The success of Pokémon Go has clearly demonstrated that there is a market for this type of product.

Kuo does not specify whether the 3D sensor will only fit the iPhone 8 "Pro" or all models.
A new report has just been released about the iPhone 8. It comes from TrendForce and presents the storage capabilities of the iPhone 8 that should be offered by Apple. It also provides details on the OLED screen that will equip the new Apple smartphone, including its size and the absence of curves.


Indeed, contrary to previous rumors, that saw an iPhone 8 arriving with a screen curved on the edges to maximize the space of the case, TrendForce asserts the opposite. Despite Apple's efforts in this area, the timing would be slim to offer this year an OLED screen with rounded edges on the new iPhone.

Prototypes of iPhone 8 with rounded edges would have, according to the source, encountered some concerns of reliability and robustness during the test phases. Thus, the iPhone 8 should well integrate an edge-to-edge screen, but totally flat.

As for the size, TrendForce sees a 5.8-inch diagonal slab for a case-like size similar to that of the iPhone 7 and its 4.7-inch screen.
Also included in the program, according to the company's market analysis report,3GB of internal RAM , the integration of face recognition and augmented reality technology, as well as the removal of the "home" physical button.

On the price side, the iPhone 8 should be offered around $ 1,000 and released in two models, 64 and 265 GB . It is not possible to know which of the two capacities will correspond to this price, it would not be surprising that this is the case for the 64 GB version.

Finally, at the same time, and as already heard recently , two iPhone 7s would complete the range, at lower prices of course, with processors updated compared to the iPhone 7 and a maximum capacity also reaching 256 GB.
With the announcement last week of the WWDC 2017, many were wondering if Apple was planning or not to make a keynote before June to unveil new iPad.


Indeed, according to a new report from the Japanese site Mac Otakara, the Cupertino giant would provide a keynote in March during which it would unveil four new iPad , a new color for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus , and a new storage capacity for iPhone SE .

According to Mac Otakara, Apple would unveil two new iPad Pro of 9.7 inches and 12.9 inches , but also a new screen size of 10.5 inches , and a new iPad Mini 7.9 inches . However the iPad Pro 10.5 inches may not be available before May.

From previous rumors the likely arrival of a new size of 10.5-inch screen that would be mathematically logical , because the width of the iPad would be equivalent to the height of the iPad mini, which would allow apps to display correctly and be usable from the day of launch.

This keynote would not be entirely devoted to the iPad Pro, since there would be news on the side of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with a new red color , and a storage capacity of 128 GB for the iPhone SE , As well as new bracelets for the Apple Watch .

This red color had already been mentioned in a report dating back to December of last year , Mac Otakara reported that the iPhone 7s would have a design similar to the iPhone 7 and a new color, red.

The history of Mac Otakara is not 100% reliable, but it is highly likely that Apple will unveil new iPad Pro before the summer, to prepare the much awaited release of the iPhone 8 .
The iPhone 8 is still far from it's release date, but the rumors around the next Apple smartphone are already extremely numerous. And the concepts of fans of the brand also: in this last test, finally quite credible, we can see an iPhone 8 whose front face is completely covered by a screen. Especially, the lower part of the phone is used as a Touch Bar. A prospect you will find quite interesting.

We already know a lot about it: it could have an OLED screen, would be borderless (or failing that would have a screen on the front face), would have a really revolutionary wireless charging system, since it would recharge the iPhone 8 at a distance of 5m from the transmitter .


IPhone 8: Will the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro be on the menu of the next Apple smartphone?

This is at least what is expected of a brand that was still not so long ago the innovation in smartphones. As a result, concepts are many, some more credible, or futuristic than others. This one is, you will see, quite attractive, in particular because it demonstrates the innovation of the Touch Bar, which is found on the new MacBook Pro and presented on the iPhone 8.

Rumors speak for example of a new wireless keyboard of the mark with this new Touch Bar.

This concept also shows a glimpse of the Home button, which seems to be part of the screen, and this kind of Touch Bar.
The iPhone 8 could have a huge 5.8-inch AMOLED screen on any front side, and has a kind of Touch Bar in its lower part. This one would be able to read the fingerprints like a TouchID sensor and would be dedicated to the display of virtual keys according to the applications, much like proposes in fact the famous Touch Bar that equips the last MacBook Pro.


Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst of KGI Securities, confirms several recent information about the iPhone 8. This one would have an AMOLED screen of 5.8 inches on all the front face of the screen. A feature area would be permanently dedicated on the lower part of this screen. This could be used to replace the TouchID sensor by scanning the fingerprints, or to display virtual buttons according to the applications, as the Touch Bar does .

A new Apple patent TouchID screen reinforces the idea of an OLED screen with futuristic features. Each pixel in the feature area would in fact consist of three subpixels for displaying the image, and two infrared diodes for scanning the fingerprint. In addition, the Home button would disappear completely in favor of this big screen.

The iPhone 8 would only have a huge OLED screen with a feature area

Ming-Chi Kuo points out that in 2017 there will be only one iPhone with innovative features. This reinforces the hypothesis of the release this year of three iPhone including two iPhone 7S with minor evolutions. Side iPhone 8, Ming-Chi Kuo also think Apple will set a sale price above 1000 dollars , due to the technological innovations..

But he does not think this price will weaken sales, due to the "innovative user experience" offered by this smartphone. The analyst anticipates that Apple will sell 100 million iPhone in the second half of 2017, including 40% iPhone 7S and 60% iPhone 8.

Apple remains number one in the Fortune 2017 ranking of the most admired companies in the world.
Sidereal competitors Alphabet (Google) is now only in 6th place, Microsoft and Facebook are just in the top 10 and Samsung is not even in the top 50. This ranking is established by 3800 business leaders And selected analysts, invited to note various precise criteria of each company.


Apple still keeps an intense aura on the industry. The new Fortune ranking of the 50 most admired companies in the world still puts Apple this year in the spotlight . This ranking rewards only the best companies in the world among the 680 generating an income of more than $ 10 billion.

It is the executives of these companies, their managers, but also selected analysts who have been invited to select the 10 companies according to criteria such as innovation, management, use of assets and resources Firm, market credibility, social responsibility, long-term value, product quality, and the competitiveness of their products globally.

Everyone had apparently Apple on the tip of the tongue, which is not surprising given the latest results of the company. The iPhone 7 is selling very well , and the next flagship of the brand, the iPhone 8, already arouses a strong interest . Especially as we expect an extremely innovative product compared to the competition. And that Apple is one of the few companies that can afford such comfortable margins.

In addition, Apple has received several awards this year, including that of the most innovative company, and its CEO Tim Cook, whose fans doubted a time, seems to manage the ship well, and is among the 100 most influential people In the world according to Time. At the moment, Apple's stock is breaking records, and it is estimated that the company already valued at more than 700 billion dollars, could be the first to exceed 1000 billion valuation.

Apple keeps its high tech competitors at a distance in the ranking...
When Apple launched the very first classic iPod in 2001 it was a real revolution in its time and for the musical part, the ancestor of the iPhone. But we can imagine that today the little jewel has become a true antiquity, especially when compared to the latest iPod touch . If this may seem obvious to you, imagine a little bit the heads of the little ones if we presented them the first iPod …


This is exactly what the authors of the video below have done!

It shows the reactions of several children against the very first model of iPod launched by Apple.

Here is the video, enjoy:

Despite Apple TV's continued decline in sales throughout 2016, the Cupertino firm continues to work on its TV box, as well as its content offering by recently hiring Timothy D. Twerdahl former head of Amazon.com Inc.’s Fire TV unit.


He will manage the activities of Apple TV with the objective of extending the quality and quantity of the contents offered on the home TV box. A catalog of content that stagnates due to several failed negotiations with major chains.

But content is not enough, and according to a new report from the American newspaper Bloomberg, Apple would test a future version of Apple TV that has the distinctive feature of supporting the 4K .

According to Bloomberg sources, this version of Apple TV which has for internal code name "J105" would have as main novelty the diffusion of contents in 4K, but would also offer a better color rendering .

More and more users are equipping themselves with 4K screens, hence the need for Apple to work on a TV box that supports this resolution. Moreover, for several generations now the iPhone can shoot in 4K.

The Bloomberg report finally mentions that the TV app that was unveiled at the end of last year was originally intended to be a portal for accessing different live content, but this had failed due to negotiations missed with the big chains.
It is the newspaper "Time of Israel" which indicates, Apple would have bought the Israeli company RealFace.

Founded in 2014, it is specialized in an area that is known to interest Apple: facial recognition and would have been absorbed for a very reasonable price of 2 to a few million euros.


RealFace has developed a patented technique that uses artificial intelligence to enable face recognition without requiring long and arduous learning.

But the company had also released an application, now unavailable named Pickeez . It made it possible to choose the best photos of a user, again thanks to its recognition technology.

This buyout not confirmed by Apple at this stage (but the company never does it directly).