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4 tips for recording more professional videos on your iPhone

When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, he described it as a telephone and an Internet communicator. Curiously, that original iPhone that revolutionised everything, had a camera but did not offer the possibility of recording videos.

10 years later, the iPhone has evolved a lot since then. In fact, it has become one more camera for many users … and is that the best camera for a real photographer will always be the one you carry with you.


Apple makes recording videos with the iPhone really easy, but that does not mean that you can not improve the results … Today we will share with you some tips to make the videos on your iPhone are much more professional.


1. Storage

Before you begin, keep in mind that storage on the iPhone is limited. If you have a 16GB, 32GB or even 64GB device we recommend using different services to store your best videos:

  • ICloud
  • Dropbox
  • PC / Mac
  • External hard drive


2. Light


An iPhone records great videos with good lighting, but if the stage does not have much lighting it will need a little help. If there is a lot of light behind what you want to record, you will see a very dim silhouette. If you want to improve the exposure, press with a finger on the screen before recording your video and slide the brightness bar to focus and brighten your lens better.

3. Stabilizer


You have to have a lot of pulses when recording a good video if you do not want the video to show too much movement you can enable the stabiliser function of your iPhone. Still, the results will never be perfect. One technique recommended by many photographers is to hold their breath, and if the video is very long you can try to breathe very gently at short intervals.

4. iMovie


Finally, once you’ve recorded your video, you’ll be doing a few tweaks with Apple’s iMovie video editing application. It’s one of the fastest and most efficient ways to improve the look of videos, but you can always move the file to the PC / Mac for even more professional results … But it takes a lot more time.



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