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3 reasons why the iPhone 8 will cost more than a 1000 euros

The iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition will land in the market this fall from the hand of the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, and although it seems a saturation, there will be a market for all. And is that the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will follow the fantastic wake initiated by the iPhone 7 erecting as a smartphone even faster and powerful, but with similar specifications and aesthetics. Because all the innovation will go towards the iPhone 8 and that has a cost.

The iPhone 8 will be the truly revolutionary new iPhone in terms of the design of the last years after the iPhone 6, initiating a new cycle that is estimated to achieve unprecedented sales. The success of the new terminal is beyond doubt, by Apple itself and the market specialists. So much so that Apple is preparing a large initial stock of its iPhone 10 special tenth anniversary anticipating the colossal sales, although it is speculated that this will cost more than a thousand euros. Do you want to know why?

These are the reasons why the iPhone 8 will cost more than a thousand euros

Display AMOLED

The iPhone 8 will be the first and only iPhone of 2017 that will have an AMOLED screen. It will also be bigger than ever: 5.8 inches in the same space as a Plus model thanks to a redesign that will eliminate virtually all edges and integrate the Home button on the screen.

With AMOLED technology the screen will be sharper and brighter than ever with a resolution of 2K and a screen ratio that could exceed 2: 1, but also its consumption will be much lower. But AMOLED technology is expensive and that undoubtedly raises the price of the terminal.

Implementing 3D Touch on this display means a more complicated manufacturing process that has a direct impact on price. By the way, contrary to the initial rumours, the screen will not be curved but will remain flat and with a 2.5D crystal like the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

 A revolutionary front camera

According to renowned analyst KGI Securities Ming-chi Kuo, the iPhone 8 will feature a front camera that will be revolutionary. And among other things, it will incorporate a 3D sensor that will work in conjunction with 2D images that are taken in photographs to create unique selfies. Sounds interesting, but we still can not get an idea.

The sensors used in the new camera will allow a series of complex calculations using dedicated infrared transmitters and emitters from Sony. According to the popular Japanese company, the IR signals are emitted abroad and when they bounce against objects, they return to the terminal and are picked up by a 1.4MP receiver.

In addition to this technology will be able to implement facial recognition, an idea that Apple is considering as the future replacement of the current TouchID for tasks such as unlocking the device, generalised payments through the App Store and iTunes Store and the use of Apple Pay.

With all this, Apple would leave behind the dual camera system that has given so good results with the iPhone 7 Plus and will address Android algorithms in 3D cameras.

 Wireless charge

The wireless charging is one of the most anticipated by users of iPhone specifications as well as a battery with greater autonomy, something achieved through the SLP technology.

To carry it out, Apple has addressed a redesign of the terminal in terms of materials and bands. Thus, the iPhone 8 will have a glass body and will use the inductive load, so that the charge will be produced by touching the charging base – exactly the same as the Apple Watch – and not remote as initially speculated.

One more thing …

Also, although the processor that will be integrated is not known, obviously we can count on it to be more powerful and faster than the A10 that uses the current iPhone 7 and the A10X of the new iPad Pro 2. As for other specifications, we will know that it will run With iOS 11 with 3 GB of RAM – which in the Apple environment is going to be brutal – and with a storage space of 256 GB.

They have been speculated with another series of specifications such as the Touch Bar or the use of augmented reality, that although they are feasible in the medium term and that would undoubtedly raise the cost substantially, nevertheless we believe that they will not be implemented in the iPhone 8 Which will be launched in six months.

The concepts and videos we have seen so far have been spectacular and we believe that reality will outperform fiction and Apple will mark a before and after in the market.



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