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With the announcement last week of the WWDC 2017, many were wondering if Apple was planning or not to make a keynote before June to unveil new iPad.


Indeed, according to a new report from the Japanese site Mac Otakara, the Cupertino giant would provide a keynote in March during which it would unveil four new iPad , a new color for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus , and a new storage capacity for iPhone SE .

According to Mac Otakara, Apple would unveil two new iPad Pro of 9.7 inches and 12.9 inches , but also a new screen size of 10.5 inches , and a new iPad Mini 7.9 inches . However the iPad Pro 10.5 inches may not be available before May.

From previous rumors the likely arrival of a new size of 10.5-inch screen that would be mathematically logical , because the width of the iPad would be equivalent to the height of the iPad mini, which would allow apps to display correctly and be usable from the day of launch.

This keynote would not be entirely devoted to the iPad Pro, since there would be news on the side of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with a new red color , and a storage capacity of 128 GB for the iPhone SE , As well as new bracelets for the Apple Watch .

This red color had already been mentioned in a report dating back to December of last year , Mac Otakara reported that the iPhone 7s would have a design similar to the iPhone 7 and a new color, red.

The history of Mac Otakara is not 100% reliable, but it is highly likely that Apple will unveil new iPad Pro before the summer, to prepare the much awaited release of the iPhone 8 .
The iPhone 8 is still far from it's release date, but the rumors around the next Apple smartphone are already extremely numerous. And the concepts of fans of the brand also: in this last test, finally quite credible, we can see an iPhone 8 whose front face is completely covered by a screen. Especially, the lower part of the phone is used as a Touch Bar. A prospect you will find quite interesting.

We already know a lot about it: it could have an OLED screen, would be borderless (or failing that would have a screen on the front face), would have a really revolutionary wireless charging system, since it would recharge the iPhone 8 at a distance of 5m from the transmitter .


IPhone 8: Will the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro be on the menu of the next Apple smartphone?

This is at least what is expected of a brand that was still not so long ago the innovation in smartphones. As a result, concepts are many, some more credible, or futuristic than others. This one is, you will see, quite attractive, in particular because it demonstrates the innovation of the Touch Bar, which is found on the new MacBook Pro and presented on the iPhone 8.

Rumors speak for example of a new wireless keyboard of the mark with this new Touch Bar.

This concept also shows a glimpse of the Home button, which seems to be part of the screen, and this kind of Touch Bar.
The iPhone 8 could have a huge 5.8-inch AMOLED screen on any front side, and has a kind of Touch Bar in its lower part. This one would be able to read the fingerprints like a TouchID sensor and would be dedicated to the display of virtual keys according to the applications, much like proposes in fact the famous Touch Bar that equips the last MacBook Pro.


Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst of KGI Securities, confirms several recent information about the iPhone 8. This one would have an AMOLED screen of 5.8 inches on all the front face of the screen. A feature area would be permanently dedicated on the lower part of this screen. This could be used to replace the TouchID sensor by scanning the fingerprints, or to display virtual buttons according to the applications, as the Touch Bar does .

A new Apple patent TouchID screen reinforces the idea of an OLED screen with futuristic features. Each pixel in the feature area would in fact consist of three subpixels for displaying the image, and two infrared diodes for scanning the fingerprint. In addition, the Home button would disappear completely in favor of this big screen.

The iPhone 8 would only have a huge OLED screen with a feature area

Ming-Chi Kuo points out that in 2017 there will be only one iPhone with innovative features. This reinforces the hypothesis of the release this year of three iPhone including two iPhone 7S with minor evolutions. Side iPhone 8, Ming-Chi Kuo also think Apple will set a sale price above 1000 dollars , due to the technological innovations..

But he does not think this price will weaken sales, due to the "innovative user experience" offered by this smartphone. The analyst anticipates that Apple will sell 100 million iPhone in the second half of 2017, including 40% iPhone 7S and 60% iPhone 8.

Apple remains number one in the Fortune 2017 ranking of the most admired companies in the world.
Sidereal competitors Alphabet (Google) is now only in 6th place, Microsoft and Facebook are just in the top 10 and Samsung is not even in the top 50. This ranking is established by 3800 business leaders And selected analysts, invited to note various precise criteria of each company.


Apple still keeps an intense aura on the industry. The new Fortune ranking of the 50 most admired companies in the world still puts Apple this year in the spotlight . This ranking rewards only the best companies in the world among the 680 generating an income of more than $ 10 billion.

It is the executives of these companies, their managers, but also selected analysts who have been invited to select the 10 companies according to criteria such as innovation, management, use of assets and resources Firm, market credibility, social responsibility, long-term value, product quality, and the competitiveness of their products globally.

Everyone had apparently Apple on the tip of the tongue, which is not surprising given the latest results of the company. The iPhone 7 is selling very well , and the next flagship of the brand, the iPhone 8, already arouses a strong interest . Especially as we expect an extremely innovative product compared to the competition. And that Apple is one of the few companies that can afford such comfortable margins.

In addition, Apple has received several awards this year, including that of the most innovative company, and its CEO Tim Cook, whose fans doubted a time, seems to manage the ship well, and is among the 100 most influential people In the world according to Time. At the moment, Apple's stock is breaking records, and it is estimated that the company already valued at more than 700 billion dollars, could be the first to exceed 1000 billion valuation.

Apple keeps its high tech competitors at a distance in the ranking...
When Apple launched the very first classic iPod in 2001 it was a real revolution in its time and for the musical part, the ancestor of the iPhone. But we can imagine that today the little jewel has become a true antiquity, especially when compared to the latest iPod touch . If this may seem obvious to you, imagine a little bit the heads of the little ones if we presented them the first iPod …


This is exactly what the authors of the video below have done!

It shows the reactions of several children against the very first model of iPod launched by Apple.

Here is the video, enjoy:

Despite Apple TV's continued decline in sales throughout 2016, the Cupertino firm continues to work on its TV box, as well as its content offering by recently hiring Timothy D. Twerdahl former head of Amazon.com Inc.’s Fire TV unit.


He will manage the activities of Apple TV with the objective of extending the quality and quantity of the contents offered on the home TV box. A catalog of content that stagnates due to several failed negotiations with major chains.

But content is not enough, and according to a new report from the American newspaper Bloomberg, Apple would test a future version of Apple TV that has the distinctive feature of supporting the 4K .

According to Bloomberg sources, this version of Apple TV which has for internal code name "J105" would have as main novelty the diffusion of contents in 4K, but would also offer a better color rendering .

More and more users are equipping themselves with 4K screens, hence the need for Apple to work on a TV box that supports this resolution. Moreover, for several generations now the iPhone can shoot in 4K.

The Bloomberg report finally mentions that the TV app that was unveiled at the end of last year was originally intended to be a portal for accessing different live content, but this had failed due to negotiations missed with the big chains.
It is the newspaper "Time of Israel" which indicates, Apple would have bought the Israeli company RealFace.

Founded in 2014, it is specialized in an area that is known to interest Apple: facial recognition and would have been absorbed for a very reasonable price of 2 to a few million euros.


RealFace has developed a patented technique that uses artificial intelligence to enable face recognition without requiring long and arduous learning.

But the company had also released an application, now unavailable named Pickeez . It made it possible to choose the best photos of a user, again thanks to its recognition technology.

This buyout not confirmed by Apple at this stage (but the company never does it directly).
The jailbreak community focuses mainly on iOS 10 and more particularly on iOS 10.2 these days. We must say that the jailbreak, although in beta to this day, took time to arrive. As a reminder, iOS 10 Jailbreak is available since last September.


But it's not only iOS that takes advantage of the jailbreak, Apple TV has known it for a while. The situation has been quiet for a while now, but it could evolve. NitoTV, which essentially handles the jailbreak of Apple TV, has posted a message on its Tumblr page on which it suggests that a jailbreak for tvOS 10.1 is possible. The jailbreak for iOS 10.2 could actually be adapted to the Apple TV, but it takes work.

The latest update of the Apple TV 4th generation is tvOS 10.1.1 which is responsible for correcting bugs. NitoTV recommends users interested in a jailbreak to stay on tvOS 10.1 if they are still on or restore to tvOS 10.1. It is still possible to date, Apple still signs the firmware ( available here ). Restoration must be done with iTunes.

No date for a jailbreak of tvOS 10.1 for now, but the project is in progress. Hope for interested users that it will be a matter of days. This would be the first jailbreak for tvOS 10 and so the Apple TV 4th generation.
Apple has obtained a new patent for the user interface when a physical keyboard is connected to a device equipped with a touch screen . This is the iPad and Smart Keyboard, namely the physical keyboard for the iPad Pro. Here, Apple presents a template with new keys for quick access to features.


In the patent, Apple presents interesting drawings because new buttons are noted on the keyboard: a button allows quick access to Emojis, a button launches Siri or make a search and another allows to quickly share content displayed on the screen.

The key with the most features would be the one with the magnifying glass. A simple support would make a search within the applications to find a word or phrase for example. A long press could allow the use of Siri.

New iPads are expected this year, with rumors announcing either a release in March or in the second half of 2017. Apple could possibly present a new Smart Keyboard on this occasion with the new features presented above. The keyboard could be accompanied by a second-generation Apple Pencil.

Wireless charging, OLED screen edge to edge, facial recognition ... we reported on the potential features of the next iPhone model, especially after 10 years of the iconic smartphone.

Each year, the rumours are around the new iPhone before its traditional autumn release. There are sky high expectations for the next model, particularly since the expected iPhone 8 marks 10 years of iPhone releases. A symbolic date that Apple will surely celebrate with a device that could mark a real breakthrough compared with its predecessors. A few months before its release, what do we know about the iPhone 8?

Here are a few of the rumoured features:

  • All-glass design
  • Wireless charging
  • OLED/AMOLED display
  • 5.8-inch screen
  • A11 chip
  • Intel 7360 LTE modem
  • iOS 11 software
  • No home button



The most radical change should be in replacing its traditional LCD screens with OLED display, offering better contrast and consume less energy.

Specifically, the borders disappear, leaving its place to a screen that could be 5.8 inches, which directly integrate the fingerprint recognition (Touch ID) in accordance with the will of Jony Ive, head of design at Apple .

AMOLED displays are superior to the LCD panels currently used in Apple’s iPhones. That’s because rather than requiring a power-hungry backlight, an OLED-based screen lights up individual pixels when necessary. This also means that you get true black – i.e. a pixel is turned off – rather than the faux black created by a backlit LCD screen.

This premiere also imply the elimination of the iconic "Home" button.