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    How to customize widgets on your iPhone/iPad

    Widgets are a cool and helpful way of getting information. But this is only useful…
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    How to print to PDF on your iPhone/iPad

    Print to PDF is a cool way of saving the documents you are viewing into PDF…
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    What’s new in iOS 11 Beta 4: 100+ New Features and Changes (Video)

    Finally, iOS 11 beta 4 has been released to developers, this update of iOS 11 includes…
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    iOS 11 Developer Beta 4 Released: What’s New

    The iOS 11 beta 4 has just been released and it’s only available if you’re…
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    How to fix iPhone charging problems

    Are you having problems with charging your iPhone? You are not sure if the iPhone…
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    How to update your iPhone/iPad

    One of the most important things to keep your device working normally and the best…
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    How to speed up your MacBook charging

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    How to backup contacts on your iPhone/iPad

    You bought a new device and wondering how to transfer your contacts? Or do you…
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    How to turn off automatic app updates on your iPhone/iPad

    The Automatic app update is a feature in iOS which keeps your applications up to date.…
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    How to customize Control Center in iOS 11

    Apple’s newest software for iOS devices, iOS 11, has a big list of update changes.…
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      How to speed up your iPad charging

      As you probably know, many Android phones have, in the last few years, started using new technology (fast charging) but…
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      Want to Purchase an iPhone for yourself? Here is a guide.

      Which is the best iPhone to buy – Should I go for the latest generation mobiles like iPhone 7 or…
      Apps & Games
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      Shapr3D – Best 3D Modelling App for iPad Pro

      The iPad Pro was designed for professionals but Apple doesn’t seem to be pushing it into any particular market though…
      Apple TV
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      How to connect an iPhone or an iPad to your TV

      Even though iPhone’s and iPad’s screen is good enough for mobile use, you still want some content to be displayed…