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Apple today updated its most popular-sized iPad, featuring a brighter 9.7-inch Retina display and best-in-class performance at its most affordable price ever, starting at $329 (US). Designed for unmatched portability and ease of use, along with incredible performance and all-day battery life, iPad is the world’s most popular tablet and the primary computing device for millions of customers around the world. Through the more than 1.3 million apps designed specifically for iPad, customers can do even more, from learning to code with Swift Playgrounds and reading books on the large screen to boosting productivity through Microsoft Office and using multitasking features like Split Screen.

affordable_new_9-7-inch_ipad_group_fan.jpg affordable_new_9-7-inch_ipad_group_twist.jpg
affordable_new_9-7-inch_ipad_family.jpg affordable_new_9-7-inch_ipad_kids_swift.jpg
Images credit: Apple.com

iPad features a beautifully bright Retina display with over 3.1 million pixels for stunning pictures and videos, and is enclosed in a sturdy yet thin aluminum unibody enclosure weighing just one pound for great portability and durability. The Apple-designed A9 chip with 64‑bit desktop-class architecture delivers fast processing and graphics performance for apps and games, while maintaining the same all-day battery life customers have come to expect from iPad.

The front- and back-facing cameras offer exceptional low-light performance and HD video recording, making...
The rumors were true: Apple offers indeed an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED . The manufacturer notes that this is a special edition, it will be available from March 24th to purchase. It will be found in the 128 GB and 256 GB variants in some 40 countries, including France, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland.


As a reminder, products marked PRODUCT (RED) are in partnership with RED. Part of the price of the red iPhone 7 will be donated to the Global Fund that fights against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Apple has been partnering with RED for 10 years with various accessories and products that have emerged since that decade. Apple has already donated $ 130million through sales.

The red iPhone 7s has nothing special other than the color. We find the same components (processor, camera, RAM, etc.) and the same elements in the box which includes: EarPods with Lightning connector, Lightning to USB cable, 5W USB power adapter and a Lightning to 3.5mm mini-jack adapter.

Pricing and Availability
  • The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition will be available in 128GB and 256GB models starting at $749 (US) from apple.com and Apple Stores, and from Apple Authorized Resellers and select carriers (prices may vary). The special edition (PRODUCT)RED iPhone joins iPhone 7 finishes in jet black, black, silver, gold and rose gold.
  • Both special edition models are available worldwide beginning Friday, March 24 and start shipping to customers by the end of March in the US and more than 40 countries and regions, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK and United Arab...
With iOS 10, Apple has proposed several changes to the messaging application, including the arrival of an App Store . Developers can create mini-games, stickers, provide quick access to GIFs and more. Unfortunately, the more months pass, the lower the interest rate according to SensorTower .


To date, nearly 5,000 applications are available on the App Store for iMessage. Within 10 days of the release of iOS 10, 400 applications arrived (without taking into account the sticker packs). The chart above shows that the number has continued to climb in the weeks following the arrival of iOS 10. Between September and the end of October, the number of applications for iMessage jumped 116%. A month later, this was up 108% with about 2,250 applications available.

In December, the month-on-month increase was less, at 65%. It is worse in the beginning of 2017 with + 18% between December and January and + 9% between January and February. The situation could stagnate between February and March.


In detail, one quarter of the applications that have enabled support for iMessage are games. The entertainment category (17.4%) and the utilities (9.2%) were followed. Most of the time, iMessage support by an application comes down to the use of stickers.
Tim Cook is visiting China this weekend to participate in the China Development Forum, an annual event sponsored by the Chinese government. Several US corporate executives (and others) are participating in the project to get a better picture from China.


In the case of Tim Cook, the boss of Apple is pro globalization. According to him, this is an important point to take into account for the good of everyone. But not all countries are always winners. Some of them are against globalization and this is a problem according to Tim Cook.

"The reality is that you can see countries in the world that isolate themselves, it is not good for their peoples"

Should we see an allusion to Donald Trump who wants to produce as much as possible in the United States in order to create jobs?

Apple is in a difficult situation where Donald Trump wants to see the iPhone products in the United States. Apple has traditionally been using Asian subcontractors (mainly in China) to manufacture the iPhone. But switching production to the US would have an impact on the price of the iPhone for the consumer and other costs.

In his one-hour speech, Tim Cook also talked about the privacy of users. He said Apple was using end-to-end encryption to secure their data, a speech already given repeatedly in the past.

"We believe that a person must have his or her data and must be able to control it".

For a long time, Samsung handled the production of processors present in the iPhone and iPad. But in recent years Apple looked elsewhere and turn to TSMC. This is an important issue for Samsung because Apple produces tens of millions of iPhone and iPad, with just as many processors. Apple is a big customer that can order a lot of units and generate profit for the producer.


TSMC handles the processor in the latest iPhone and rumors claim that the group will also take care of the expected A11 processor in the iPhone 2017. But Samsung has not said its last word and would like to come back in the battle.

Samsung will invest more to create a production plant in 2018. The goal of the Korean group is to secure as many orders as possible before the competition. Samsung hopes that Apple will return and do business once again.

It is however unlikely that Apple will abandon TSMC because Samsung is its first competitor in the smartphone market. In addition, TSMC seems to be doing better than Samsung. For the iPhone 6s, half of the processors were produced by Samsung and the other half by TSMC. Those of Samsung offered a lower autonomy and they would heat a little more.
Swift does not stop progressing over time by being increasingly used and, by extension, more popular with developers . The latest TIOBE Index reveals that Swift ranks 10th among the most popular programming languages, down from 14th position last year at the same time.


There are two things to consider. The first concerns the top 10 Apple has just entered for the first time. The second point touches the nine other programming languages that are located in front of Swift, all of which already have a few years already. Apple therefore has a place among the popular languages, while Swift was only launched in 2014.

Apple has released Swift with the idea of offering a programming language simpler to learn than Objective-C in particular. IOS and macOS applications can be encoded in Swift and more and more developers are switching on it for better performance optimization, in addition to ease of use. We can recall in passing that Apple also targets children with its application Swift Playgrounds for iPad that teaches them the basics of Swift. The idea is to train them from an early age so that they are excellent later.
Which company offers the best technical support? For the third consecutive year, Apple ranks first in Laptop Mag 's ranking . According to the magazine, the purpose of this ranking is to help users to get an idea of the companies that perform best when a problem is encountered with a product.


In the case of Apple, the US manufacturer gets the score of 93 out of 100. In detail, the score for on-line help was 56 out of 60 and the rating by phone was 37 out of 40. On the Internet , The help was found by the Twitter account @AppleSupport and the new application " Apple Support " for iPhone and iPad. For the telephone, three calls were made to the after-sales service. Apple employees took six minutes to find the answers, against seven minutes last year.

Some tips are given to Apple to improve. Laptop Mag invites the manufacturer to better train its employees so that they really know all the details about products and services like iCloud. Regarding help from Twitter, the magazine thinks Apple employees should respond directly rather than redirect the user to pages on Apple.com.

The top 10 rankings include:

  1. Apple (93 out of 100)
  2. Acer (88 out of 100)
  3. Lenovo (86 out of 100)
  4. Microsoft (82 of 100)
  5. HP (80 out of 100)
  6. Dell (76 out of 100)
  7. Razer (74 out of 100)
  8. Asus (72 out of 100)
  9. Samsung (67 out of 100)
  10. MSI (63 out of 100)
Guardians of the Galaxy The Telltale Series will be released on virtually all platforms on April 25th ( including iOS). While waiting to see if Telltale has succeeded in adapting to the very special universe of these Marvel superheroes, the studio publishes some images of the game which allow to be moderately optimistic, at least concerning the technical part (even if it does not Says nothing about lack of fluidity and optimization, a recurrent problem in Telltale games despite a completely redesigned graphics engine). We recognise Groot and the rest of the troop of super-heroic broken arms (Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax and Rocket)

1GuardiansoftheGalaxy-TheTelltaleSeries_Multi_Editeur_001-600x338.jpg 2GuardiansoftheGalaxy-TheTelltaleSeries_Multi_Editeur_004-600x337.jpg 3GuardiansoftheGalaxy-TheTelltaleSeries_Multi_Editeur_002-600x337.jpg 4GuardiansoftheGalaxy-TheTelltaleSeries_Multi_Editeur_003-600x337.jpg

Note that Telltale will tell more about the game during the PAX East 2017 that has just opened its doors
Very regularly, Apple continues the refining of its next version of iOS, in this case, it is the 10.3 already mentioned in many rumours.
The 5th beta version has just been delivered by Apple, for now only to developers, before offering it as usual within the next few hours, to the testers of the public beta program . It is accompanied by the corresponding beta versions for watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2.


This brings new features discussed in more detail here including :

  • Application Find My AirPods: Easily locate your lost Apple headphones.
  • Added the possibility for developers to respond to reviews on the App Store and ask for details.
  • New widget for Podcast app
  • HomeKit supports programmable lamps
  • The weather icon shows the time-by-hour forecast via 3D Touch
  • CarPlay integrates new shortcuts for recently launched apps: the last 3 only
  • Adding Charging Stations in CarPlay Plans
  • Improved navigation in the Mail conversation view
  • Migration to the Apple File System (APFS), Apple's new file system
  • New visual for Spotlight search suggestions
  • New setting to share information with Apple on the use of its iCloud
  • New animation for opening and closing applications
Recently, an even more pronounced focus has been built on non-compiled 64-bit application versions. These could no longer work with the next version of the system, iOS 11 expected for a presentation in June , before a public release later in September.

This version could be delivered to the general public during this month or beginning of April , with possibly new iPad and iPhone after a dedicated keynote.
Apple Insider reports that Apple has shipped 4.6 million Watches in the last quarter of 2016, up from 4.1 million a year ago, according to IDC data. Apple has yet to publish any official Watch sales numbers, and in its most recent financial call claimed only that the device set new records in "both units and revenue," straining production capacity.


Tim Cook announced an unprecedented success for Apple Watch in the last quarter of 2016.

New figures released by IDC, research institute and market analysis, seem to agree with the words of Tim Cook, and from this new market research Apple had sold 4.6 million Apple Watch at Last quarter of 2016.

Image Credit: IDC

Comparing Apple would have sold 4.1 million Apple Watch in the same quarter in 2015 , which allows Apple to grow 13% .

This allows Apple to dominate the smartwatch sector, however with regards to the more general area of smartwatches and wearables that also encompasses business watch straps, Apple through its smartwatch only gets to the third position Behind Fitbit and Xiaomi.

Despite the fact that Fitbit continues to be the pole position of the wearables sector, the company has seen a fairly significant drop in sales, from 8.4 million units sold in the last quarter of 2015 to 6.5 million For the year 2016, a fall of 22.7%.

There is however a sizeable competitor with Apple who is working on a third generation of Apple Watch, which could be unveiled at the beginning of 2017, and could include a new touch screen technology, as well as a cellular chip enabling it to Operate independently of the iPhone.

Sources: AppleInsider, IDC
Recently the Wall Street Journal said in a report that the iPhone 8 would adopt a USB-C connector to the detriment of the lightning port, it was the first rumor of this type, more over it was not seen as a logical choice from Apple.

Ming-Chi Kuo analyst KGI Securities has just refuted the report of the Wall Street Journal concerning the replacement of the lightning port with the USB-C, and it brings some interesting details like the support of the fast recharge on the three IPhone that would be unveiled in 2017.


According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple would make internal changes in the iPhone to add a quick charging feature via the Lightning port , a feature that is offered only on smartphones equipped with USB-C port.

To get there, Apple would use new components, including a new L-shaped battery that had been discussed in this article and could recharge faster.

The analyst at KGI Securities also mentions two reasons why Apple wants to keep lightning port for a while, namely the royalties for the MFi license in an already well-established iOS accessory ecosystem.


Indeed, a USB-C port occupies more space than a port Lightning, or Apple is always looking for space in its devices to add new features. This is one of the reasons responsible for the controversial removal of the headphone port in the iPhone 7.

To summarize , according to the latest rumors , Apple would unveil three new iPhone in the fall of 2017, including the much anticipated birthday model or iPhone 8, which would incorporate quite a few new features.

These include a new all-glass design, rounded OLED display at the edges, a reinforced steel frame, a Home / Touch ID button underneath the screen, a new 3D sensor with augmented reality functions, Wire, and now the possible support of fast charging.
Some Spotify users recently reported seeing new subscription options appear in the Spotify application, tariffs tab on iOS .


These options remain inaccessible, but they put forward a new Spotify Hi-Fi subscription . It includes the diffusion in quality without loss of music, like the way of Tidal or Qobuz. According to users, however, prices differ, as well as the benefits offered. On his side Spotify says that this is only a test as it often does, so nothing official:


Subscribers who were able to see these options reported prices of 5, 7.5 or even 10 dollars , so pay in addition to the regular subscription to $ 9.99. In comparison, Tidal and Qobuz, the other major services to offer CD quality audio are both about $ 20 a month .

Finally, depending on the case, the Spotify subscription offers either the whole catalog or a part in CD quality (16 bits and 44.1 kHz), or, in addition, a free vinyl and discounts on the purchase of vinyls In limited editions.

Spotify has not confirmed or announced anything in terms of a new high-definition subscription to come, but the group has specified to regularly test new things with some of its subscribers.

On the competition side, Tidal and Qobuz have taken the niche of lossless audio with their arms. We tested the first service and we really enjoyed seeing it here .

But they are far from scoring, in terms of number of subscribers, similar to the giants of the genre, that are Apple Music, Spotify or even Deezer to a lesser extent.

The arrival of the Hi-Fi at Spotify would serve to democratize this audio format, while the Swedish service could also take advantage of it to differentiate itself from its new rival Apple Music, which already exceeded 20 million subscribers in just 18 months. The latter does not cease besides to chain the exclusivities and the additions of diversified contents. Indeed, from the apple firm, medium-term emphasis has been placed on the video...
Two weeks ago, Niantic, publisher of the popular game Pokémon GO released the first big update of the game, which includes 80 new pokemons to catch and other features.


At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed that three major releases are planned for Pokémon GO this year , but they do not specify the content.

According to a recent interview with John Hanke, two new expected features are being developed, namely the ability to exchange Pokémon with other players , and duels between players .

So there's a good chance that these two important features will be part of these three major versions coming in 2017, with probably new Pokémon to catch and other gameplay and interface improvements.

John Hanke also unveiled some interesting figures on Pokémon GO, namely that players caught 88 billion Pokémon , and that the game was downloaded 650 million times , of which 500 million two months after launch, which gives 150 million In the last five months .


To celebrate Pokémon Day, which marks the launch of the first Pokémon game (February 27, 1996), until March 6, Pikachu will be dressed in a festive hat. Any Pikachu caught during this period will retain this decorative attribute.
Last week, the Cupertino giant unveiled the name of Steve Jobs' latest major project, Apple Park, their future headquarters , which will be open to employees as of next April.


And regularly, two amateur drones fly over Apple Park to get a glimpse of the progress of the site, and evaluate whether it will be completed in time.

Here is the first flight by drone since the announcement of Apple Park last week:

Note the installation of the solar panels on the roof of the garage is now complete, which is not yet the case of the main building in the shape of a ring and which should accommodate some of Apple employees in April.

Construction of green spaces is continuing with the planting of new trees above the main access tunnel.

Other buildings are still under construction, but there is progress for the 10,000 square meter fitness center reserved for Apple employees.

The overflight of aerial drones does not however allow to have a glimpse of the interior of the buildings, the only images available being those published occasionally by Apple.

As a reminder, Apple Park operates at 100% from renewable energy through the numerous solar panels installed on the roofs of buildings, and incorporates an underground auditorium named Steve Jobs Theater, a visitor reception area, with an Apple Store And a cafe open to the public.
Elon Musk never ceases to surprise, and especially in the space industry with his company SpaceX .The man has indeed announced that he intended to send the first two space tourists into space.


This trip around the Moon
is scheduled for late 2018. Both tourists have already purchased their ticket and will begin physical training after passing the medical tests. They will embark in the capsule Dragon 2 , a habitable version of the module developed by SpaceX . They will be "thrown" by the Falcon Heavy rocket , the heaviest and most powerful launcher since the Apollo missions. Falcon Heavy will make his first attempt this summer.

Another test to confirm before sending two space tourists to the Moon, Falcon 2 shall, after his first test start with the capsule Dragon 2 (no one on board) which will dock with the International Space Station (ISS) . It is only after these successful tests that the real flight to the moon will occur.

Experts say the schedule remains tight and think SpaceX will find it difficult to keep it even with a little delay. But Elk Musk no longer needs to prove that he often succeeds in meeting his commitments or that he has the means to do so for the sake of innovation and science.