• Kevin Durant TV Series

    We’ve progressively been hearing more and more about Apple’s plans to take on the TV market. The latest news is that Apple is turning and developing Kevin Durant’s life into a drama series, most likely to be streamed via their upcoming service. For those who don’t know, Kevin Durant is a world-class basketball player, and the main focus of the TV show will “explore the world of Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball and the lives of their players, families, and coaches.” The series already has some solid backing – the writer of 2009’s Notorious, the biopic about rapper Notorious B.I.G.…

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  • Apple Park Meeting 2018

    Apple had its yearly shareholder meeting yesterday morning, in the newly-built, subterranean Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park. Although the new theatre is particularly large, it still won’t have enough room for all the shareholders to attend the event. The shareholder meeting is a part of Apple’s annual corporate schedule. In terms of matters discussed at the meeting, it involves a status report of Apple’s corporate activities – usually delivered by CEO, so this year, it’s Tim Cook. It’s then followed by a re-election of board members and a vote on proposals for the company’s future. Finally, shareholders question Cook…

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  • Apple Music

    Today is the launch day for Apple Music taking on new countries: the tech giant is expanding its digital music service to 82 new markets. 9 markets were launched today, and the three remaining markets are expected to go live on February 26th. Apple is mainly targeting students by offering competitive subscription rates. Two years ago, Apple first launched their student discount for subscribing to Apple Music, and, at the time, only the U.K., U.S., Denmark, Germany, Australia and New Zealand could take advantage of the offer. But now those from countries such as Poland, Portugal, and countries in the…

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  • iOS Facebook News Subscription

    For news websites, such as the New Yorker and the Guardian, digital subscriptions are becoming more and more common. Not only does the subscription model mean publishers can earn money through online content, but it also helps to support the journalism – especially investigative journalism – that they carry out. Apple has now sorted a deal with Facebook to sell subscriptions directly via its iOS app – something which, surprisingly, has only just been introduced. Facebook has been working with Android since October to provide a publisher subscription button once the reader hits a paywall. Instant Articles shows subscription details,…

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  • Apple Watch Sales

    When the Apple Watch came out, everybody knew that it’d be a game changer. Not only was the piece of wearable tech aesthetically interesting, but the amount it was capable of was another huge selling point. But now, thanks to out-of-this-world sales of the Apple Watch, Apple has become one of the biggest watchmakers in the world. So big, in fact, that the Apple Watch is overtaking the Swiss watch industry – perhaps one of the biggest and most luxurious industries in the world. Industry researcher Canalys estimates that Apple actually flogged over eight million watches in the final quarter…

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