iPad App Store Adds Genius Recommendations

Apple has been busy making changes to the App Store lately, and has introduced Genius recommendations to the iPad’s App Store, so finding new apps is now even easier.

Just like the iPhone version, it works by analyzing apps you have already downloaded and showing you similar apps that you might enjoy. The App Store now also gives you the option to purchase the iPad versions of iPhone apps you have. This is much easier than having to search for each app manually. It’s nice to see that Apple is further unifying the App Store from platform to platform.


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iOS 4.1 Beta 3 adds Email Support to FaceTime

FaceTime can now initiate a video call by a contact’s email address, in addition to their mobile number. What does this mean for users? That the iPod Touch is basically guaranteed to have a front facing camera, and Apple is looking to expand FaceTime to its other devices.

This coincides with the iPod Touch parts leak from yesterday, showing a hole for a front facing camera. Steve Jobs also said that Apple plans to ship “tens of millions” of FaceTime compatible devices, and this would be a hard number to reach without a FaceTime enabled iPod Touch and iPad.

The evidence in favor of an iPod Touch with front camera is overwhelming, but it’s still unknown what it will actually look like. If one of the many rumors is true, we will know in the next couple of weeks!


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Apple to Have August iPod Touch Event?

It is rumored that Apple will be having a new product event during the 16th and 17th of August, focused on the fourth generation iPod Touch and bringing iOS 4 to the iPad. This is a month earlier than it has been in years past, but if the source is correct, then Apple is trying to separate the releases of its touchscreen and non touchscreen devices.

Apple has traditionally held events “music” (to present news related to iPod and iTunes Store) in September, but if our source is right, he can be brought forward this year. Unless, of course, Apple wants to separate the iPod touch (only iPod that runs IOS) from the rest of the line – leaving updates on classic iPods, nano and shuffle to the next month.

The source also predicts that the new iPod Touch will have a front facing and rear camera, along with a gyroscope in order for it to keep up with the new iPhone.


Thanks AppMan!

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iPod Touch With Camera on eBay

There is currently an iPod Touch with a [nonfunctioning] camera on eBay. The seller claims that all it needs is a software update for the camera to work, but the chances of that happening are slim. The camera is dead center on the top of the rear of the device, which seems like unusual placement for Apple. It seem as though the device works normally, and is currently running iOS 3.1.3. It’s probably a prototype device that slipped out of a factory somewhere, and I doubt that any retail unit will resemble this. Although, this isn’t the first time one of these have popped up.


In excelent condition with a very few signs of use in the back and the front almost brand new and the most exciting thing is the camera !!! that is just waiting for the software from apple that is going to be relased very soon to work.

The bidding is currently at $3,150, with slightly more than a day left. Anyone want to guess what it will sell for? (Assuming Apple doesn’t take down the auction.)


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JailbreakMe.com Being Blocked by Apple Stores

Well we all knew it was coming. But Apple have now been forced into action. After the latest Jailbreak by Comex was released hardcore jailbreaking fans found a great new way to have fun. Going into the Apple retailers and jailbreaking the iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads on display.

Apple have now blocked this. When you try to visit the site you are redirected to Apple.com. Luckily MuscleNerd has already posted a tweet telling people how to keep on jailbreaking the in store devices.

All you need to do is, using a jailbroken iDevice, download and activate MyWi and use thats internet connection to create a WiFi network around the device that the test devices can connect to.

Is it over? No way.

Thanks Oliver Barker!

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Apple Opens “Try Before You Buy” Section in the App Store

This isn’t nearly as exciting as it sounds, but Apple has added a “Try Before You Buy” category to the App Store, possibly in attempt to reduce piracy. All the section does is highlight “lite” versions of apps, so there isn’t really anything new.

This may be a play to have a more Android-like store, where users are allowed to return apps within a 24 hour window. Of course, this would go against their entire philosophy, so I’d wager that the “Try Before You Buy” section has already reached its final form solely as a place to find free versions of apps.

In the ongoing battle against piracy, developers are willing to try nearly anything to keep their hard-earned money, but will Apple’s solution be effective? It’s possible, especially if more developers get onboard with creating lite versions of their applications. We’ll see.

[9 to 5 Mac]

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Next Gen iPod Touch Parts Leaked, Again.

Either a certain case company needs a new R&D department, or someone went through a lot of trouble to fake an LCD. Once again, pictures of a front assembly for the next generation iPod Touch have surfaced. The parts have an April 29th time stamp, so they are pretty recent.

This shows a hole for a forward facing camera (although this doesn’t mean it won’t have a rear camera) and apart from that it is business as usual. There is still no word on the internals, but keep your fingers crossed for an A4 CPU so it won’t be left in the iPhone 4′s dust.

What would you rather have, a low quality front camera with FaceTime support, or a high quality rear camera? If Apple is trying to keep the cost low, it is unlikely that it will have both, but it should only be another month until we find out the truth.


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Next Generation iPod touch Revealed by Casemaker?

Around a month before the rumored (and all but confirmed) fall iPod event, a mockup of the next iPod touch has been revealed by a casemaker.

The mockup shows a camera on the back, which seems to confirm the many rumors swirling around. However, the overall design remains the same, with the big exception being the omission of the rounded plastic that allows the Bluetooth and WiFi radios to perform better. The front shows iOS 3, instead of the new iOS 4. As the story goes, some large, special, and lucky case manufacturers allegedly gain early access to iPod models. This allows them to begin preparing cases before the public can buy the iPod. Of course, being able to preview the new iPod models also gets you a strict NDA, and the potential for a lawsuit if it’s broken.  So there is always the possibility that this could be true; just realize that this is only a mockup.

On the other hand, I think that it could very possibly be fake. It reminds me of the prototypes that were leaked before last year’s press event. Also, the presence of iOS 3, instead of the newer iOS 4, would seem to indicate that this is based on the older prototype models. Adding to the stack of reasons I believe this is fake, Apple has shown a desire to make some drastic changes in the overall design of at least the iPhone. I think that at least some of the changes the iPhone 4 received will make it into the next iPod touch, perhaps making the new product more resemble the first generation, instead of the second or third.

Either way, this brings up a good discussion-creating question: Will the iPod touch G4 (or 4G, or fourth generation) have a makeover like the iPhone 4, or will a camera be thrown on, the screen updated, and an Apple A4 slapped in? Sound off in the comments!


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Apple to Patch Jailbreakme Exploit

Apple is planning to release a software update to patch the PDF security hole that allows comex’s jailbreak to work. This means that upgrading to this newer firmware will render the jailbreak useless until a new exploit is found. (Although, comex doesn’t seem too worried.)

“We’re aware of this reported issue, we have already developed a fix and it will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.”

If you’re planning to purchase and jailbreak a new Apple gizmo, you better do it now because the patch will probably be shipping with new units.

If you want to stay relatively safe without sacrificing your jailbreak, try out this fix, and don’t go to any sketchy looking websites.


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4G Networks Growing, LTE Trials to Begin Soon

The future of mobile internet is drawing closer; Clearwire has announced that it will begin rolling out LTE trials in select cities in the next few months, allowing compatible phones to have near-WiFi speeds. Sadly, this doesn’t affect AT&T customers, but AT&T does plan to roll out their 4g network in 2011, and it’s possible that Apple has something up its sleeve for this. Sprint is the proud owner of the only major 4g network in the US, which should encourage some competition from other carriers, and get the ball rolling a little faster.

* Initial Tests Expected to Demonstrate Real-World Download Speeds Ranging from 20-70 Mbps, Significantly Faster than the 5-12 Mbps Expected from Other Operators in the U.S.

The trials will be in Phoenix, Arizona, but Clearwire hopes to double its 4g network to cover 120 million people by the end of the year. (Although this does not apply to AT&T’s LTE network, it does show 4g’s rapid growth potential.)

If Apple does release a slightly updated iPhone, it is possible that it will be 4g-ready in order to compete with certain Android phones. It certainly is the way of the future, although Apple has been known to be slow to adopt new technology.


Read on for the full press release.


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