Application Review: 9mm

The Glock is a standard issued 9mm gun released to the police force to protect and serve. Though not the strongest of guns, it becomes enough to protect and disarm when the time comes. In 9mm, it becomes your best friend or worst enemy. The icon of the game shows of a fancier Glock 26 9mm gun on it. 9mm is a game developed by the gaming giant Gamefoft about a police officer trying to get to the bottom of a coke lord. Recently, the offset of Gameloft games have been stellar if not great. However, could this over-hyped game not live up to its publicity it was given? Does the gameplay, graphics, audio, replay and overall value suite what you are given? (more…)

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Apple Now World’s Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

According to the latest report by the IDC, Apple is now the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, holding 19.1% of the global marketshare—a 6% growth since last year. Samsung, Cupertino’s current arch nemesis, is runner up with a rapidly growing 16.2% marketshare. Last year’s top dog, Nokia, fell from 37% to just under 16%, which proves how volatile the market really is. iOS and Android devices are both neck and neck in the smartphone wars, and we’re sure that the numbers will continue to fluctuate as killer devices make their way to the public in the next few months.

“There is no runaway leader in the market, which means there could easily be further Top 5 vendor changes to come.”

[Business Wire]

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Droid Bionic Pictured

The guys over at Droid-Life have gotten their hands on a few pictures of the upcoming Droid Bionic. The device retains the same look and feel of its predecessors, but lacks a physical keyboard. It’s due to be released in September after nearly a year of waiting, but the specs suggest that it will be worth the wait for Android fans. The handset features a 4.3″ qHD display, 1GHz CPU, and an entire gig of RAM. Check out the full set of blurrycam shots after the break.


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Google+ Link Invites Coming Soon

Balaji Srinivasan of the Google+ Engineering Team has posted on his Plus account that Google will be rolling out a new, easier way to invite your friends to the social network – links. According to Srinivasan, this method of giving the network to others will be rolling out over the next few weeks and will just be integrated into the same invite button that is there right now.

This invite method will be far easier for users who don’t actually know someone’s Gmail, but has them on Twitter or another sharing network.

[Balaji Srinivasan via TNW]

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Headphone Review: NUForce NE-700M

A beautiful bronze finish gives the headphones a gleaming shine. The NE700-Ms (700s, or 700M for short) are an older pair of headphones from NUForce. NUForce has been a long time contender in the audiophile market supplying dacs, amps, and speakers. They have also found a great place in the headphone market with their highly successful NE700s. These little beauties have an eye-catching design, great audio, strong build, good comfort, and a huge bang for your buck. (more…)

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Sprint Plans to Launch the iPhone, According to Rep

The Beatweek Magazine reports that they have been shown some screenshots of a conversation between a customer and one of Sprint’s support representatives, who’s name was disclosed as Jessica. In the conversation, the customer simply asked “Is there any possibility of an iPhone on Sprint in the near future?,” which recieved a reply of “Please know that we are planning to launch the phone” and then a reminder that there is no official release date for the product.


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MacDefender Malware Gone for Good?

A raid on a Russian firm may have put an end to the MacDefender malware that has been infecting OS X machines for the past few months. As you may remember, MacDefender was one of the first notable malware programs on Apple’s OS, so it made headlines on more than one occasion. Luckily for less-than-savvy users, it looks like MacDefender is no more. Apple stopped updating malware definitions in File Quarantine for MacDefender on June 18th, which means that (more…)

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Lion USB Sticks Now Available Through AppleCare

Apple is now stocking Lion USB install drives for fulfillment through AppleCare. The drive costs $69, but doesn’t seem to be available for purchase directly from the Apple Store quite yet. Users who are unable to use Lion’s built-in recovery tools are eligible to receive a USB drive for free. If you’d like to save the hassle and roll your own installation drive, check out Lion DiskMaker.

[9to5 Mac]

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Report: iOS is a Far Safer Platform Than Android

Security firm Lookout, which collects information from over ten million devices globally via integration with over 700,000 apps, reported Thursday an 85 percent increase in the number of devices infected with malware among its monitored users, citing that Android users are 2.5 times as likely to fall victim to malware than just six months ago.

At the beginning of the year, there was only as many as 80 apps infected with malware on Android, but that number soared to over 400 by June. iOS, on the other hand, is protected because  (more…)

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AT&T: “Upgrade to a Tethering Plan, or We’ll Do It For You”

Last March, AT&T sent out text messages and emails to inform its jailbroken iPhone customers that they must upgrade to a proper tethering plan in order to continue using their device as a mobile hotspot. Today, it appears that the carrier is acting on these plans by informing its customers once again that they must stop tethering or upgrade their unlimited data plan, for those who were grandfathered prior to tiered data plans, to a proper tethering plan prior to August 11. (more…)

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