Apple’s New A6 Chip Undergoing Testing, Expected By 2012

According to Taiwan Economic News, local technological parts manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd (TSMC) is now testing Apple’s new A6 processor chip that features the company’s “newest 28-nanometer process and 3D stacking technologies.” Samsung currently supplies Apple with the latest iPad 2 processor, known as the A5, which is a 1 GHz dual-core chip. The transition to TSMC from Samsung, which also supplies Apple with flash memory, could mark the beginnings of a strained relationship between Apple and Samsung due to an ongoing patent infringement lawsuit. (more…)

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Screenshots Leaked

Android Police and RootzWiki have received a handful of screenshots of a Google Nexus S running the next major release of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. The screenies reveal a new app drawer, lots of blue, and a more polished Honeycomb-esque UI. Other features reported include a revamped Gmail interface, panorama mode for taking pictures, and integrated NFC support for capable devices. The first ICS device is rumored to be the Nexus Prime, but no release date have been set.

Hit the sources for the full set of scrots and preliminary list of changes.

[Android Police, RootzWiki]

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Apple Now Selling Lion USB Drive in Retail Stores

Apple is now stocking flash drives preloaded with Lion for users who are unable to download and install the OS from the App Store. The drive costs a hefty $69.99, a $30 premium over the base cost of Lion, but Apple is offering drives for free to eligible AppleCare users.

If you already have a spare flash drive handy, check out Apple’s Recovery Assistant to roll your own portable install drive for free.

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Accessory Review: Bad Elf GPS (+CoPilot Live Giveaway!)

Are we there yet, is a familiar phrase among the norm. Even more so is the familiarity of being lost in an ever expanding global ecosystem of mass transportation. Getting lost is often frustrating when that 9 O’clock meeting or surprise birthday party is approaching. What is one to do at a time like this? Some would begin to scream panic and others who are calm, collected, and well prepared, would take the initiative to resolve this dilemma. For these prepared individuals, owning a trusted GPS unit becomes the answer to their problem. However, in a capitalist market, finding a good, compact, and subscription-free GPS unit is often hard to find. Fear not since Santa’s neglected “Bad Elf” has created a GPS unit.

Go to the thread for giveaway details! (more…)

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AT&T Not Shipping LTE Device Until “Late This Year”

Apple junkies hoping for a LTE iPhone 5 in September, turn back now. According to AT&T, the carrier will not be shipping an LTE handset until late 2011. What, exactly, can be considered “late” is unclear, but September or early October would be pushing it. The next gen iPhone is due to be released within the next couple months, but what features it will possess is still pure speculation. Apple could lose the favor of power-users if they wait yet another year to integrate 4G, but it could be due to AT&T’s slow LTE rollout.


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HP Poised to Release a 7-inch webOS Tablet at $299?

Following up today’s news that the TouchPad would now be priced starting at $399, a seven inch version has passed through the FCC (named the “TouchPad-Go”; terrible name, but whatever floats their boat). Given today’s price cut of the 10 inch version, it would seem logical to conclude that a 16 GB seven inch version (what many would consider to be a “lesser” device, with a slower processor, and smaller screen) would also be cheaper. Pricewise, where would that fit in the current HP tablet line up? I’d say it would fit in at about $299 dollars. (more…)

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HP TouchPad Gets a Price Cut, Now $399 for 16 GB Model

Well, it looks like HP has decided that it can compete with the mainstream tablet leaders (read: Apple, and possibly Samsung) on operating system and price. The TouchPad, which recently received an update which addressed basically every major complaint reviewers had, is now priced at $399 USD for the 16GB model, effective immediately. This undercuts the iPad 2′s 16GB, as well as most Honeycomb-based tablets, by about $100 dollars. (more…)

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Apple Upgrading 5th Ave. Store with Seamless Glass

Apple is giving their iconic 5th Avenue store a makeover by reducing the number of panes of glass from 90 to just 15, as shown by this rendering. Previously, the cube’s glass had noticeable seams connecting the panes together, but the new design eliminates the ugly metal. In whole, the renovation will cost Apple $7 million, but it’s a small price to pay to beautify its flagship location.


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iPhone 5 Rendering Based on Leaked Case Designs

MacRumors commissioned CiccareseDesign to create a rendering of what the next generation iPhone could look like based off of the specifications of leaked cases. The design has a 4-inch edge-to-edge display and flat back, as well as a modified home button which may be used for off-screen gestures (like switching between open apps).

There is no proof that the case designs are accurate, but if Apple does scrap the current iPhone 4 aesthetic, it’s very possible that the next iPhone will look similar to these renderings.


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