Another Trio of Apple Stores Opening This Saturday

Apple just opened five new stores last weekend, but they’re not slowing down anytime soon. Grand opening celebrations will be taking place this Saturday at three new Apple Stores in Berkeley, California; Basingstoke, England; and Madrid, Spain. The store in Berkeley, which is in northern California, will be opening on Fourth Street and will be the first Apple retail store to open in the Bay Area in nearly three years.

Festival Place shopping mall will be the home of the Apple retail store in Basingstoke, which is southwest of London, England. Last, the retail store in Madrid, Spain will be opening at the Parquesur shopping mall. Apple plans to open an additional 20 new stores by the end of September, including ones in Germany and Hong Kong.


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LinkedIn Updates iPhone App, Rolls Out New HTML5 Website

LinkedIn’s mobile page views have grown by 400 percent year-over-year, and now the well-known professional networking website has improved their mobile experience by rolling out “faster, simpler, and better” apps for iOS and Android. The new applications are “between two and ten times faster across all features, ranging from search to reading your update stream.” The updated apps focus around your updates, inbox, profile and connections, and groups. The company has also introduced a new HTML5-optimized website for the first time, which can be previewed on any modern, HTML5 compliant browser by visiting Both the iOS and Android app are free in their respective stores.

[LinkedIn via 9to5]

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OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive Added to Apple’s Online Store

Apple has updated their online store to include the OS X Lion USB thumb drive for $69 with free shipping. The thumb drive was first made available for free to AppleCare users before being added to the shelves of brick-and-mortar Apple retail stores for the same $69 price tag. Purchasing this thumb drive will cost you nearly three times as much as it would to buy a digital copy of OS X Lion on the Mac App Store for just $29.99, but it does give you a physical copy of Apple’s latest Mac operating system.

Mac users can also choose to purchase OS X Lion on the Mac App Store and use Apple’s Lion Recovery Disk Assistant. When you install OS X Lion using the USB thumb drive, however, you will not be able to reinstall OS X Lion from Lion Recovery. You will need to use the USB thumb drive to reinstall OS X Lion.


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CyanogenMod Founder Moves to the Dark Side

Steve Kondik, the founder of the de-facto custom Android firmware CyanogenMod, is now working at Samsung. He promises that he will be “working on making Android more awesome“, which is fantastic news, and judging by his Twitter feed he will continue to develop CyanogenMod in his spare time. We expect that many of his improvements will be made to Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz interface (not vanilla Android), so Kondik’s new job may not have an immediate or direct impact on the OS’s source code, but it is nevertheless great to see hardworking developers get recognized for their brillance.


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Apple to Push iPad 3 to 2012 Due to Retina Display Shortages?

Sources for DigiTimes claim that Apple will be pushing the release of the next-generation iPad to next year due to shortages of a high-resolution Retina display. Rumors initially suggested that the iPad 3 would be released in the second half of 2011, but the manufacturing bottleneck may make this goal unrealistic.

The sources believe that the yield rate of the 9.7-inch panel that feature resolution of 2,048 by 1,536 may be the major reason of the supply delay since such panels are mainly supplied by Japan-based Sharp with a high price and Apple’s other supply partners Samsung Electronics and LG Display are both unable to reach a good yield. Since Apple is unable to control a certain level of supply volume, the iPad 3 is unlikely to be mass produced as scheduled, the sources added.


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Headphone Review: Etymotic HF2

Sound, you hear it all around us, and headphones tend to add coloration to that sound when you listen to it. True to the ear, it’s not only a slogan for Etymotic, it’s the definition behind the name. To be true to the ear requires that a pair of headphones doesn’t color anything, and this can be especially tough to do with the engineering requirements to do this. Etymotic tackles the mid-hundred-dollar price range with their HF series of headphones, the HF2 build specifically for smartphones. The HF2s have a simple design, accurate audio, amazing build quality, good comfort quality, and an amazing bang for your buck. (more…)
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Minecraft for Android to be Released Tomorrow

Jeb, the Mojang employee who has been working on Minecraft for Android, has tweeted that the company will be releasing the highly anticipated mobile version of the sandbox building game tomorrow. The game will first be released on the Xperia Play ”PlayStation phone” as a timed exclusive, then later be unleashed upon all capable Android devices. There is also a limited edition Minecraft-themed Xperia Play up for auction on eBay if you have over a grand to blow on a smartphone.

An iOS port is in the works, but no ETA other than “later” has been set at this time.

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HTC Unveils Unlock Process

HTC is continuing to make progress with unlocking the bootloader on their range of Android devices, starting with the HTC Sensation (EU customers only, at the moment). The process is simple enough, and only requires a few short steps to free your handset from its shackles.

With Google taking over Motorola, Android device manufacturers will have to step up their game and become more open, or users will choose devices without built-in limitations. HTC is expected to roll out support for additional devices, including the Evo 3D, Sensation 4G (T-Mo), and others over the next few months.

HTC is committed to listening to users and delivering customer satisfaction. We have heard your voice and starting now, we will allow our bootloader to be unlocked for 2011 models going forward. We plan on releasing the updates that will allow you to unlock your bootloader in the coming months, please keep an eye on this website for more details on which devices will be adding this feature. We are extremely pleased to see the energy and enthusiasm from our fans and loyal customers, and we are excited to see what you are capable of. HTC eagerly anticipates your innovations.


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Official Steve Jobs Biography Coming November 21

Walter Isaacson’s official biography of Apple’s beloved founder, Steve Jobs, will be available to the public on November 21 according to publisher Simon & Schuster. The publisher must have borrowed a few aesthetic and design tips from Apple themselves, as the front cover of the book shares similar traits with Apple packaging with its white, simple, and clean design. There is an ever-so-famous picture of Steve Jobs on the front cover of the book, and it will be the first authentic, Steve Jobs-approved biography of the man himself.


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LTE-Capable iPhone in Carrier Testing

An LTE iPhone. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? BGR seems to have found some evidence that suggests that that might be a reality, and possibly sooner than most would have previously thought. Their evidence reportedly comes straight from a carrier test facility, which has references to the LTE 4G network in various .plist files. They do state that there is no confirmation (not yet, at least) that LTE will appear in the iPhone 5. Further more, it’s widely believed that Qualcomm’s next generation of LTE chips simply aren’t ready yet. Apple would most likely end up using these chips because of their drastic improvements in power consumption. (more…)

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